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    gj1980uk's Legacy Uploads

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    Custom Enclosure From a Dresser

    I had the glass doors custom made at a glass place local to me. I found instructions online for the runners I got on how to measure the opening for the glass (needs to be smaller than the opening height so the doors can be dropped in after installation of the runners). So basically I just gave...
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    Custom Enclosure From a Dresser

    Honestly, there isn't too much issue with moisture soaking through the mod podge. I did four coats total. Noticed that when he poops, it will turn the mod pudge opaque, but that dries back to clear. My beardie generally poops in the same spot, and only if I don't quickly get to clean up is there...
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    New Bearded Dragon Hardly Seems to Eat

    This post is six months old and that set up was temporary. He is where my beardie is now: Thanks!
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    Phoenix Worms Questions

    I get mine from too. I order 2000 large at a time for $32.99 shipped. Never have a problem with any of them turning into flies. They do get dark, but get eaten long before any start to pupate. Store at 50-60 degrees and they will be fine. I like to use these as a...
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    Basking Spot Heat Issue - Bulb Suggestions Please....

    So I recently made a custom enclosure (post here:, and am having trouble with basking spot temps. I am using a 38 watt PAR38 halogen flood bulb...
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    Custom Enclosure From a Dresser

    The internal dimension of the enclosure are roughly 54 inches wide x 24 inches deep, and the height is around 24 inches also.
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    Custom Enclosure From a Dresser

    Hi All, I have been looking to build a custom enclosure for a while, and wanted something that would fit in like a piece of furniture. Luckily, my mother in law had an old dresser sitting in her garage that she said I could take off her hands. Removed the top two levels of drawers, and...
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