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    Slightly deflated eggs day 2

    So good to know thank you so much ???? Hoping for the best!!!
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    Slightly deflated eggs day 2

    It is from above /: should I put ventilated lids on the bins they are in ? I don’t have them directly under the heat source but it is a cheaper incubator and heat is coming from the top.
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    Slightly deflated eggs day 2

    I mixed the vermiculite with water 5:1 vermiculite to water ratio it’s not sopping wet but is all damp and moldable. We candled each and saw an embryo in all of them is it possible that that’s just because they were fresh? Would you say these are no longer fertile if deflated?
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    Slightly deflated eggs day 2

    Hello first timer here!! I got these eggs into an incubator with appropriate temp (84 degree) and my humidity has hung around 80. I don’t know if that is too high or not but as you can see I had some deflation in my babies. All eggs were candled and fertile and they were laid yesterday and taken...
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