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    Meet Pearl

    I actually have 2 digital thermometers coming and the mesh is not a fine mesh. Thank you for the tips I really appreciate it.
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    Lighting and heating questions

    Awesome thank you for that info. I am looking at the t5 and it has 3 options for bulbs. 14% dragon, 12% desert and 6% forest. I am guessing either the 14 or the 12 is what I should get? my tank is 36x18x16. And I will also pick up a basking bulb like you recommended as well.
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    Meet Pearl

    Hello new to the forum and new to owning a bearded dragon. Meet Pearl. Looking forward to learning all I can about bearded dragons.
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    Lighting and heating questions

    I just got my first bearded dragon today. I Bought a 40 Gal tank. The Zilla Slimline Desert 50 UVB T8 Fluorescent Fixture for my light and the Zoo Med Repticare 100 Watt Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter. I also bought and under tank heater. The cool side of my tank where the light is stays about 80...
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