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    SavageSiren11's Legacy Uploads

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    Swollen back feet

    Do her back feet look mildly swollen or am I worrying about nothing? they are fatter then her front feet. But she is also growing very quickly she's only 3 months old.
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    Bearded Dragons and cannabis

    So while looking through the forums I came across a couple of threads on the subject of bearded dragons eating parts of the cannabis plant. Both the threads I came across became hilariously heated debates that were not productive what so ever and therefore ended up being locked. The point of...
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    Lighting/ basking platform

    Hopefully I can get a better answer then I have. I'm building a background and decor for my baby dragons 40 gallon enclosure and I really want to utilize the height but I don't want her to get to close to the bulbs. Can I use a lower wattage basking bulb so I can raise the basking platform up...
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    Affordable uvb lighting.

    Ok I can't believe I didn't realize this ahead of time but I just realized as I'm actually doing a 40 Gallon instead untill I get a bigger one but how in the heck am I supposed to have the light 22" about my dragon when the tank itself is only 16" tall. I mean even a 55 is like 20" tall and I...
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    Affordable uvb lighting.

    From what I understand UVB is supposed to cover 2/3 to 3/4 of the enclosure. A 55 gallon is 4 feet long. So I would need a minimum of 30 inch's. Also I want to place it on top of the screen lid so is arcadia 12% or zoo med 10.0 strong enough or should I go with arcadia 14%? I'm gonna probably...
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    Affordable uvb lighting.

    I have spent a week+ looking at t5 light fixtures trying to find the most affordable yet functional. Instead of me stressing it, can someone just tell me what and where I can get a UVB light bulb and fixture for the best price? I need a 36" light (55 gallon tank) that I can preferably put on top...
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    Nubby aka Lieutenant Dann

    I am building a 3d background into the 55 gallon so he will have plenty of shelves and ramps and access to the vertical space within the tank not just the floor of the cage so getting close to the lights wont be en issue. With that being said I am getting a t5 uvb to sit on top of the screen...
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    Nubby aka Lieutenant Dann

    Hello. I am new to this site and for the most part new to pets without fur. I had an iguana as a kid but didn't really have anything to do with it's care and it was a jerk so I think I held it maybe 5 times but all he did was whip his tail and open his mouth. Iv been caring for a leopard gecko...
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