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    Hatchlings with bacterial infection?

    They are eating dubia nymphs now. But have a very hard time trying to catch them? They hit the dubia but don't seem to understand how to pick them up. I've also noticed on some of them that they get food remnants stuck between their teeth and lips?
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    Hatchlings with bacterial infection?

    no, which is why i'm quite worried =( I'm going to be giving some babyfood and pedialyte baths. They seem interested in the dubia and crickets but they cant pick it up and get frustrated/give up.
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    Hatchlings with bacterial infection?

    Thanks for your prompt reply! I do spray them, half an hour after they wake up/warmed up a bi and again in the late afternoon It's not cloudy as shed would be. The white seems like a powder. :cry:
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    Hatchlings with bacterial infection?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on what's going on with these hatchlings? They are 3 weeks old. They aren't as active as usual hatchlings and today I noticed a couple of them developing what seems like a white fungus/infection on their backs. At first I had thought maybe...
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    He's a male right?

    Just want to double check. My boy is really a boy right? thanks!
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    Female induced egg production?

    I have a 6 year old female beardie that absolutely wants mate. All my beardies are in their separate section of a beardie condo. I take out each dragon for their baths in the mornings and when she sees them head bobbing and black bearding she starts glass dancing, head bobbing and lifting her...
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    Eggs dimpling?

    So after the first one hatched, the rest followed the day after. All of the sunken eggs have hatched successfully even being collapsed for a week. I guess i'll never know 100% why they collapsed, whether it was too much humidity, not enough, or if they were just plain ready to come out. So...
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    Eggs dimpling?

    I checked today and i see one of the beardies head poking out of the egg. I dont know if it's too early, and this guy is premature or not. When i took a look he wasn't moving. I'm thought he may have died, but it seems that they get really tired and he may be resting. I'll have to check again...
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    Eggs dimpling?

    Yes there are holes in the sides of the containers. I've heard so many mixed thoughts about the containers. Saying that there is too much condensation on the lid and that it should be incubated without the lids. Some say that my eggs are drowning because of the humidity, and some say that...
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    Eggs dimpling?

    I wanna wrack your brains a bit about my beardie eggs. It's at day 47 of incubation and they are starting to dimple. Incubating at a steady temp of 84F, and humidity it great, lots of condensation on the lid of the tupperware (though is this a bad thing?) No signs of sweating, so i dont...
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    they still produce infertile eggs even without a male. Think of it as chickens. The eggs you eat are not fertilized. She may keep digging if she does not like the laybox, or feel that this is not a comfortable place. How did you have your current laybox? It should be at least 6 inches deep...
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    Male breeding age

    Alot about female breeding age but not really anything about males. Whats the general consensus for the age of males? I've heard some can mate at the age of 6 months which to me sounds crazy. I mean can they really? :shock: Other than having a good size and weight on them as I have heard...
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    Ok, I got them INTO the tub..... how do I get them OUT? LMB

    i didnt use a margerine tub cause it was too big to swerve around but what i did was use the paper roll, and then taped paper on the bottom so they wouldn't fall out, and then scooop them up and then give them a good shake.
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    Phoenix worms and Canadians

    Thanks Em! :mrgreen:
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    Phoenix worms and Canadians

    haha Canadian beardies love phoenix worms. Though pheonix worms dont like Canadian beardies... or beardies in general. This canadian is looking for pheonix worms, but she doesnt know where to get em :blob5: So for all you canadians, or anyone else, where do you get your phoenix worms? Ashley
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    Live in Ont looking for feeders online? randellsreptiles hope those helped!
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    Sleeping with your beardie

    oh man im too paranoid to do that. on a diff forum there was this guy who slept with his basalisk, and he woke up next morning to a dead basi cause he rolled over and smooshed and suffocated him :shock: So im too scared to sleep with one of mine :P
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    if you like you can take sopme pictures and we can double check the genders for you =) much luck
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    Sand :(

    definitley dont use walnut shells. they're bigger and easier to accidentally swallow. you can use repti carpet too if you like. Right now im using tile for my dragons myself =)
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    :( do some more research before you try breeding again. you should be able to tell if ones male or female. research that. Not being mean but breeding is not just a side project. its a big investment. dont feed her crickets what? dont mist her? huh. rewind and retrack. look if you dont...
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