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    Thank you for saving the little one! Do you get him outside in beautiful healing natural sun? Not only is that natural sun the best you can get him, but they seem to really enjoy the experience. :) We have been taking ours out daily now that it is starting to warm up. Today is a stormy day, tho...
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    Budgies transform Red Centre into a sea of green and gold

    That's awesome. A bit of good news in these too-often dark times. The bats and other wildlife in Texas is really suffering after the deep freeze. Makes my heart happy to see so many budgies in the wilds still thriving. Viva budgerigar! Thanks for sharing. :)
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    How to put calcium powder into water-based “omnivore mix”

    Yeah, commercial diets are best fed unsupplemented. Beardies are little guys at the end of the day, and the risk of overdosing on vitamins and minerals is high if offered improperly. Thant said, in the future if you are looking to supplement calcium on a water based food, there are better...
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    Dried Salad Anybody?

    Dried salad is highly palatable in my experience. I wouldn't play around with leaving salad in the tank until it dries, however if you have access to a food dehydrator that may be a way to secure more "tank stable" salads. I would still offer FRESH salads for their moisture content. In these...
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