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    Brumation? (too young??)

    Hi guys! :D So to make a very long story short, I got my beardie a few days ago, so I don't know him and his behaviour that well yet. It seems that he is trying to brumate, but isn't 9 months a bit young for that? When I say it seems to me that he is trying to brumate, I mean that he is...
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    Soon-to-be Beardie, MBD?!

    Hi guys! I wasn't sure whether to post this in introductions or is health, its a mixture of both. So, this is my future bearded dragon that I will be getting in about 2 months. I just got sent these photos by the people who currently own him/her (they don't know the gender and I'm not...
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    my lovely new beardie!

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask any questions, if you want you can just post your set-up and we can see if it's good (lights, temps, enclosure, food, etc.) I'm sure you will be having lots of fun with your new family member!! :D
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    Thought I would introduce myself with this funny picture

    Hi! Welcome to the forum, you will learn lots though here!! Hahaha :lol: that picture is just too funny!! Feel free to ask questions!
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    King Henry <3

    Hi! Henry is so very cute!! Just one thing I thought I might mention, is that bearded dragons have a "third eye" type of thing on their heads that they use to sense heat with (that's why they burn themselves on heat mats - they can't sense that it is too hot for them), so while some beardies...
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    New Beardy Family member!!!

    Congrats, she is beautiful! Not sure about her type and everything, but I’m sure you will have tonnes of fun and precious memories with her! Photos and questions are always welcome! :D
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    First time Owner

    Cute! Welcome to the forum, your baby is adorable!! How old is s/he? Feel free to ask questions, and more pictures are always welcome! :wink:
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    Just adopted a 1yr old female

    She is a beautiful girl! When you said "it seemed easy to set up 2 tanks as one", do you mean you put a divider up, or would they be living together? If you use a divider - I recommend that you use something they can't see each other through, even a piece of cardboard would do. If they can see...
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    (Little) Cyrus "the great"

    Hi, congrats on your new baby! Keep an eye on his poop with the superworms, as they can be quite hard for them to digest, especially while they are young. What lights and brands do you have? Here is a great site on feeding and supplements! Wish you...
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    What is brumation?

    Hi! Ok so, its actually quite simple. Brumation is a semi-hibernation that bearded dragons go through with temperature changes, or simply what time of year it is. If you have a hide available, they will often just go hide in it, some of them are semi-awake and will come out to eat every now and...
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    My name is Toothless!

    Aww, Toothless you are a cutie!! Hope you find your forever home with Sian! :)
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    Very ill baby, please help!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Gage! I'm sure s/he was very loved and well cared for in your home!
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    First time post... Sick 9 month old beardie

    Even a bit higher would be better, around 100 - 110 degrees. Hope your beardie is healthy in the future! :)
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    Charmeleon's photo thread!

    Such a cute boy! I'm sure you are having lots of fun with him!!
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    Max and Fiona

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Your babies are very cute! :D Just a few things I thought I might mention. They don't live together, do they? And, I'm sure you've heard it before, just want to warn you about your substrates. Both sand and pellets are classified as loose substrates, and while this is...
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    Hello from the Northwest

    Congrats on your baby, he is a real cutie! Hope all goes well, feel free to ask lot sof questions it sthe only way to learn, and pictures are always welcome! :)
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    Finally getting my first dragon (UVB under or over?)

    Hi! I'm not really sure about your questions, someone else will give you a better answer. I am so sorry to hear about your poor girl! That must have been quite traumatizing! Wish you the best with your new baby, hope all goes well. Feel free to ask lots of questions, and pictures are always...
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    Biting dragon

    Hi! You can try feeding her with tongs, or wearing a glove when feeding - so she associates the glove with food, and then if she bites it doesn't hurt as much. I think also just pick her up with a towel (or glove, preferably a different colour to your feeding glove), and handle her - at first...
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    Im in need of advice

    Hi, congrats on your baby! I definitely agree with CooperDragon! Ok so, you DEFINITELY need a basking lamp. Bearded dragons, like most reptiles, use the heat to help them digest their food. If they do not have a warm enough basking spot, they can't digest their food properly, which can lead...
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    Recommendations for breeder?

    Not guaranteed that I can help you, but firstly, where do you live?
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