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    Do you ever just get frustrated?

    Oops, I meant she got the repti-glo. I didn't think that sounded right but I couldn't think of the other one. I told her about a CHE but she didn't really seem to care. I'll just keep trying like I did with the turtles and hope nothing goes wrong :(
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    Is he ever going to be tamer?

    So I've had Emerson for 4 months now and when I got him they said he's not very friendly. I've been working with him daily since then and he still puffs up/black beards when I pick him up and when I hold him he fights it. He is almost a year now and he gets his baths every other day and...
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    Do you ever just get frustrated?

    My aunt just got a baby beardie from the pet store after taking care of her sister's baby beardie for a week. I love my aunt very much but she seriously frustrates me! She listens to everything the pet store tells her and when I tell her they are wrong she doesn't listen to me :banghead: She...
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    Dubia Roach Colony

    I was just given a colony of about 450 that were being kept in a 10 gallon tank and they are doing great. I was going to put them in another container but after seeing all the babies in there I decided not too. Just make sure to add some extra egg crate/cardboard for them to hide in.
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    roach chow.

    You can make roach chow out of pretty much anything you want :) I just throw a bunch of stuff in the food processor and give it to them. Sometimes its dog food, sometimes cat food, a little oatmeal, fish food...then I toss in the leftover salad that my beardies didn't finish that day.
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    Buy feeders with Amazon

    If you search for dubias on Amazon some will pop up, I've never tried Superworms.
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    dubia roaches

    I know a lot of people that keep them at room temp and they still breed but it won't be as fast. I would get a heat source for them if they are going to be in the basement. I use an under tank heater with a thermostat for mine and keep them at 85* and 65% humidity. They take so long to grow that...
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    dubia roaches

    The cup holders will be fine but plan on replacing them eventually. Its like cricket poop and sticks on. You only have to clean the bin and replace the egg crates a couple times a year so I wouldn't be too concerned right now. I glued some cardboard together with hot glue for my roaches and it...
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    Which Water Polymer Crystals?

    I use the ones from Home Depot with no problems. A little bit goes a LONG way.
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    Help me set malnourished dragons new diet

    I rescued a 3 year old about a month ago and have been feeding him insects and veggies daily until he's up to a normal weight. I fed him as many bugs as he wanted 2x a day for the first couple weeks but then he stopped eating his salad so I cut it back to once a day. He's about 15" including...
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    Breeding silkworms?

    Here is a pretty good link on breeding and raising them. At least it was good enough to make me realize I don't want to try it :lol:
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    Refuses to eat anything but bugs and butternut squash

    I never feed mine bugs until they have eaten some salad but they usually eat it first thing in the morning. Its so hard to do the tough love thing but it is better for him in the end. Ralph refused to eat salad for about a week so I didn't feed him anything but salad for 2 days and now he is...
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    Feeding male adult dubia's

    I don't cut off the wings but I will only feed 1 or 2 in a feeding. Emerson has no problems digesting them but if I give Ralph more than 2 he always poops out whole, undigested roaches and its really gross :puke:
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    Starting a dubia colony help me please =)

    They have them on amazon too :)
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    Starting a dubia colony help me please =)

    I have my breeder colony in a 20 gallon bin and the feeders in a 10 gallon bin. I could honestly have put all 400 in the 10 gallon bin and not had a problem at all so the 10 gallon should be good. The short bin won't work very well. They can't climb very well but they can climb a little and the...
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    Starting a dubia colony help me please =)

    They creeped me out at first but you get used to them pretty quickly. I use feeding tongs for mine though, I refuse to touch them. Get a rubber storage bin and cut a hole in the lid and cover with window screening. I only have about 1/8 of my lid screened over to help keep the humidity in. I...
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    Is any glue safe?

    Titebond wood glue, Gorilla glue, Elemer's wood glue...pretty much any type of glue should be safe once its fully dried and cured.
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    Only eats greens after they are dry

    He drinks water in his baths so he's pretty easy to get water into. Glad to know he's not weird though :lol: Emerson will eat the crunchy greens but he always eats some in the morning and then finishes the dry ones at night.
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    Only eats greens after they are dry

    So Ralph hasn't been eating his salad in the morning for about a week now. Instead he waits until its been sitting in his cage all day and is dry...then he gobbles it up :? I've tried giving him fresh again at night but he won't touch it and I'm not really sure what's up with that.
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    Refuses to eat anything but bugs and butternut squash

    Mine will pick out the squash only when I give them squash with their veggies. They will eat the veggies on days when they get no squash though. I would stop giving him squash and eventually he might figure out that its not coming and give in. He probably knows you will give him some so he's...
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