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    Crickets or RepCal pellets

    You are so lucky your little guy actually eats the pellets! I'd try doing half and half...
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    Meat baby foods.

    maybe tinned cat food would work?
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    Traveling with Beardies????

    My beardie's gone on four all-day car trips, both when he was a couple months old. He was fine - just conked out back in his travel tank, which was a 7 gal for a 6.5 in beardie.
  4. S annual meeting/ convention

    I feel compelled to put my vote in for the east... especially the northeast. And it should be on the weekend. Perhaps we could just have a "Beardie Day" and have different regions do their own thing, whether it be little parties or big conventions.
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    Cactus pad Leaf anyone??

    No idea where to get them, though.
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    Cactus pad Leaf anyone??

    Check out this site for any questions about feeding. Cactus pads are great! You can use them as a staple.
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    I need help choosing...

    Beardies are great, and like to be handled. I'd go with one of them. Try to get one that's at least eight or nine inches, as they can be hard to take care of as babies. Just make sure you aren't just going for the "cute" factor, as they look slightly less cuddly as adults. Reptiles are harder...
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    New vivs set up and just put rankins in

    Generally it's a good idea to separate beardies, even babies, since they will give each other bad bites, etc. Beautiful viv, though! What's wrong with the one with the bad back? MBD?
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    please shes really sick

    bump sorry, I have very little experience...
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    Sick Juvie, First Time Owner, Possible MBD?

    The website has info about MBD of that's what this is. I don't know much about stuff like this, so I'm bumping this topic in the hopes that a more experienced person will see it.
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    Calci/Vita-Sand Facts Please

    Wow. It's been nearly three weeks. This means that either beardies only rarely/never get impacted from this stuff, or people haven't been noticing this discussion. So... **bump**
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    Calci/Vita-Sand Facts Please

    I've been looking around this site. Everyone is always telling newbies that sand, even Calci-sand is bad, bad, bad! And yet I've got a bearded dragon manual by Philip Purser that says he's been keeping beardies on fine sand (not calcium carbonate) for 20 years and never once has one of them had...
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    tumor or growth and I am new here

    Your beardie definitely sounds like it has MBD. Go to this website to learn about it. Then answer the questions at the bottom of this post. Here's an excerpt: "Signs of metabolic bone disease include hard knobs in the long bones of the legs...
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    My lizard loves asparagus...

    Fair nuff.
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    My lizard loves asparagus...

    I know you may think I'm mutant or Martian - or both - but I actually like brussels sprouts... But if he decides he likes those my sister will be the one throwing him out the window. By the way, I'm actually from Neptune. Just in case you were wondering. And the only proof of my mutant-ness...
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    Feeding a 6 month old Beardie mom

    I've just been sprinkling my beardie's crickets 1-2 times a week with Reptical. Is that enough? I'm using a 22 inch 7% UVB compact fluorescent light by ESU Reptile. Thanks, saintgeorge
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    My lizard loves asparagus...

    Thanks Peera, I do know that ( is my Bible). I'll try the mayo trick. St. George is looking very proud of himself. If he decides he likes lima beans I will throw him out the window. Or make him shop for himself. :twisted:
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    My lizard loves asparagus...

    I was experimenting to find out what St. George the beardie likes. To my dismay, the ingrate just ate about ten small slices of raw asparagus. I've never seen him eat so much of a veggie or fruit. Great. Now I get to eat asparagus every week because of him (it's not like you can just buy one...
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    crickets keep dying!!

    I recently had a cricket nightmare. I was staying at a relative's house where we were keeping the crix and beardie in a sunporch that had only a slightly open screen door separating outdoors from in. The crix were in a tank with ventilation. That morning, I'd gotten sick of trying to hunt for...
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    Hi I am new and I need some help please

    Sorry for your loss. This doesn't sound like it was your fault, so I would contact the friend who gave him to you and make sure they are taking good care of any other lizards they may own. If needed, give them a link to so this won't happen again.
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