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    Bearded Vacations

    I saw a different thread that mentioned they will not let you take a beardie on a plane.
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    4 Weeks Without Eating- Vet No Help

    Yeah it is a little early for him to want to brumate again. Its a process of elimination I think. You mentioned your UVB is 4.5 mos old, maybe get a new one and see if that helps as well? When mine was doing all this not eating thing giving her babyfood made me feel better than benefit her I...
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    4 Weeks Without Eating- Vet No Help

    If you did a fecal and he's clear of parasites then he very well could be brumating. Mine went into semi-brumation last summer and woke up all randy in December. Be sure to keep him hydrated with a bath couple times a week while he's not eating. Get your cool side up to mid80s. um yeah, pinkie...
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    Bearded Vacations

    you can pull this off. I made a beardie traveling condo out of a 10 gallon tank with a heat lamp and smaller bulb. Lined it with reptile carpet so she had some grip - same would apply if you use a big plastic container - you will need to be careful with heat lamp so it doesnt melt plastic and...
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    cricket rookie for sure

    Getting the crickets out of the box and into the container is crisis management for sure. I order 500 6-week old crickets for my full-grown dragon and those things are big and beastly. So, same as you, Take it all outside. I keep mine in a 10 gallon tank. Open the box and dump it quickly into...
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    Adult. How many Bugs?

    I've heard adults should eat approximately 25 live feeders per week. Mine eats between 3-8 a day, some days 3, some days 8, and averages about 25 a week overall.
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    Not eating after meds...

    I went back and read this post and find it somewhat amusing how frustrating and worrisome beardies can be. As of April she is still very active, always banging around in her tank in the AM. Has been eating very well and is up to 584 grams. She poops every day. She loves strawberries but wont...
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    I'm about to turn out the lights!!

    Beardies may live with low levels of coccidia all the time. It is when the parasite count gets high in their system that it may affect their health and well-being. They can pick up pinworms from crickets. In my case I didnt get her fecal checked until she was a year old (most people recommend...
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    I'm about to turn out the lights!!

    Mine had similar behavior at same age. Stopped eating and laid around all day, over time lost some weight but not a lot. Good to rule out everything though, would really advise getting fecal check. Mine had a mild case of pinworms and nasty bout of coccidia. After round of meds she stopped...
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    She only poops during bath time

    i stick mine in the tub everyday for 5-10 mins to get her to poo there instead of tank. I'll soak her longer on odd days to make sure she stays hydrated. Much prefer that than dealin with poo in the tank!
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    Not eating?

    he's kinda young to be brumating... since you never had one, i would recommend a fecal check just to be sure. its great that he eats his veggies! id also offer some variety on the bugs, they can get bored sometimes with the same thing.
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    Not eating?

    hi mrplant, how old is your beardie? when was the last time you changed out the uv bulb (should be every 6 mos or so? Have you tried a variety of bugs (like hornworms, supers, etc to mix it up a little? when was the last time you had a fecal check? how much weight has he lost and over what...
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    Not eating after meds...

    last two mornings she's woken up my son knocking stuff over in her tank, digging up the reptile carpet, and glass dancing like crazy. Looks like spring fever to me. I have never seen her do this before. she's gained back all the weight she lost and eats every day. last year the vet commented...
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    Cricket issues

    cricket orders can be tricky sometimes, but like your experience the supplier will always try to do right by you. It took me a few times to get the right sizes for my beardie. One time when she was little they sent me these huge man-eating crickets ( ok compared to what i had been feeding her)...
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    baby food

    i alternate between squash and green beans. Mine wont eat her greens so i give her babyfood everyday.
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    Have you had a juvie/sub-adult suddenly stop eating...

    Just wanted to post that Joga is finally eating like the ferocious lizard I remember her as before she abruptly stopped eating at 9 mos old (which was last April). Before that, she at crickets 2X a day at 30-40 a shot, with 5-10 superworms to boot. I had a fecal check at that time that came up...
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    Whats on your wish list ?

    I would like one of those cross-fire vivs 4x2x2 that open in the front. I have her in a 40gl breeder now and have to come into her tank from the top, which is a pain...
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    Not eating after meds...

    Amen sister on the stress. Joga is really perky now and we have a theory going in the house that she's on australian time (we live in so. california). I've posed this theory to the board only to be reminded they respond more to environment than genetically being predisposed to the time zone of...
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    Mine is 17.5 inches and 536 grams. She's 18 mos old.
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    your list of Questions answered for Dexter

    I agree with ABHD - these little guys will worry you to death! Mine gets a bath every 2-3 days, sometimes she drinks sometimes she doesn't. Her skin is wrinkly when she moves a certain way, othertimes, she looks all fat. I do not keep a water bowl in the tank, as the water keeps evaporating...
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