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    Meet Vanzeldar

    Meet Vanzeldar! I got him as a birthday present this year. I’ve had him for 4 months now and he’s doing great so far. I remember when he was just 6 inches long. He’s much bigger now and he’s been getting more orange in his pattern with every shed. The camera doesn’t pick up orange that well...
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    Styrofoam for climbing, really want to potty train

    So yeah, my mom is still working on that castle for my bearded dragon. She is building it out of styrofoam and then covering it with grout and putting some sand on the grout so that it like dries on and looks more like desert rocks. I have been doing my research and I found that bearded dragons...
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    Is my beardie baby sick? PLEASE HELP!!

    I think this is just stress from changes made to her enclosure and not a sign of illness. I don't know about the worm-like insects that are in your roaches though.
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    Worried about basking area getting too hot

    I have heard that if you leave the lights on for an hour and then check the temperature with a temp gun, that is the temperature the enclosure will stay at until the light is off. This gives me a a bit of reasurrance but I don't know yet how close the basking spot will be to the metal mesh at...
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    Could I use a heating pad for breeding Dubias?

    So I can just keep them at room temperature and they will breed, just slower?
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    Could I use a heating pad for breeding Dubias?

    I have done my research on breeding insects and other aspects of feeder care as well as my research on beardie care so I am prepared to breed insects at least in terms of the research. I plan to breed my insects once I get them including dubia roaches but I found that for breeding, they need to...
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    Yes it will as long as you make sure the rocks are clean, too big to be eaten, and don't get too hot. If the rocks get above 110 degrees in surface temperature, your bearded dragon can get burns on its feet and underside. Worse yet, it won't feel that it is burning because they get their heat...
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    Are the crickets I’m feeding too big?

    I think what he is saying is that instead of feeding 1 inch crickets, you should feed him crickets about a third that size.
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    Male hatchling or what?

    So I still don't have the lizard yet nor have I ordered insects for breeding them but I was wondering, when I get the lizard, should I get a male hatchling if possible? Not that I wouldn't love having a female, it's just, the egg situation I would likely have every year once the female is over...
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    Healing sores and bites

    Like I said, in my original post, I don't have the bearded dragon yet. I don't even know if I will end up getting a male or female or how old it will be when I get it. So me asking what to do if my eventual beardie ends up with insect bites or sores to prevent infection is just in preparation...
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    Healing sores and bites

    I found out from a thread about antifungal cream that Monistat is safe for bearded dragons. I have quite a bit of Monistat 7 cream(including cream of a different brand name with the exact same ingredients). Now I know Monistat is an antifungal cream but I was wondering if I could use it to...
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    Feeder insect breeding, first timer

    I am a first timer with keeping reptiles and I know that a gecko would probably be much easier to keep than a bearded dragon but I am willing to change the UVB light every 6 months and take the bearded dragon outside if there happens to be a power outage or if it is warm outside but I would not...
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