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    Keeping your greens fresh

    I use mustard greens too. When I get home, I rinse them and pat them dry. Then, I cut the whole lot into edible size. I take a large plastic container with a lid and put a paper towel in the bottom...then I load up the greens..then I top it off with another paper towel and the lid. This stays...
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    Fruit flies

    Hammerhead, you always have the coolest contraptions!! ;-) I usually take a glass jar like Hammer, but instead of the cone, I cover the lid with plastic wrap and use vinegar as my bait. So its basically a jar 1/4 filled with white vinegar with a tight cover of plastic wrap over the top. Poke...
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    Here is a picture of a female dubia laying an egg sack

    LOL The thread that never dies, I love it. I remember when you first posted this Lance. Purely awesome that it's still alive today!!! *Bump*
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    Dubia research

    Holy Hell Brian, this is one big project to start...kudos to you brother. I was just reading Wes' variables and I think my brain locked up :shock: (Didn't someone else test #2 last year though? The temp thing?) I don't know how your gonna cover all that stuff, but when your done, you'll be...
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    silkworms: reptile safe mulberry

    Ahh gotcha. I am thinking about about breeding silkworms and know about the mulberry leaf or the chow, it was the safe mulberry that confused me. I was going to go to the nursery and buy a mulberry tree and plant it in my yard...cause I thought they were big trees. So I thought maybe some...
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    silkworms: reptile safe mulberry

    What is a dragon safe mulberry?
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    Superworm breeding FAIL =[

    Who mentioned the breeding filter? Are you talking about the video of the guy who uses three drawers and his beetle drawer has a screened bottom?? This is what I am getting ready to try now. Have you tried this way? with any luck? I go in every day and pull out dead supers from my isolation...
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    quick ? about superworm care

    I guess I didn't answer the original question. Yes they can eat it, not sure if they will.
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    quick ? about superworm care

    I keep my super worms in a large Tupperware full of oatmeal and put some carrot slices in every few days. I also use one of the lids from the super worm cups and put some water crystals on there. I found this keeps them the happiest. They eat the oatmeal and use the carrot for moisture.
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    Hornworms and Green Peppers

    LOL. No I'm kidding. I never tasted it. I am just judging the taste by the odor when your mixing it up. I did read that the US is the only country (save for Canada) that does not eat some sort of bug. I wonder what a hornworm would taste like. hmmm. :study:
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    Hornworms and Green Peppers

    C'mon Invictus, you know it looks like fudge. :D As for taste..... :puke:
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    Hornworms and Green Peppers

    As a followup, just so people are aware of what I found out. Green Pepper, Tomatoes, Eggplant and a few other vegetables are members of the nightshade family of plant species. Apparently the leaves are poisonous. I never got a definitive answer as to the carry through of toxicity, but found they...
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    Hornworms and Green Peppers

    Today in my garden, I found a Green Pepper plant that was destroyed by a hornworm. (Found the hornworms on the plant eating away at what was left) I know you cant raise hornworms on tomatoe plants and feed them to your dragon because they are toxic, but what about hornworms raised on green...
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    Found her in my pool filter!

    Wow, I forgot about Bill!!! Most of my turtle knowledge came from him when I got my first turtle. IMHO, he has the best site out there for box turtle care. Here is the link:
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    Found her in my pool filter!

    Hah! That will teach me to check for a second page before I post. I didn't read you had already tried the stores before I posted. Sorry. ;-) I am thinking that will be enough. She has food in there, so she wont starve. You have seen that she will eat, so no problem there. Every other day for...
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    Gutloading feeders......

    Wow. I never knew there was an actual product called gruel. "You will EAT your bowl of gruel and you will LIKE it!"
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    red eared slider LONG STORY

    Wow, how did the bird get in the cage? And that is amazing that your turtle came back.
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    Found her in my pool filter!

    Yes, what Tom said. You can get nightcrawlers at any bait store...sometimes you'll find them in 7-11's and stuff like that if your near a lake or river. I live right on the Shenandoah River, so my two little country stores both sell nightcrawlers. (I rinse off the worms, because I read somewhere...
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    Dubia in summer?

    BEST answer yet. LOL. Then just hide the males and she'll never be the wiser. ;-)
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    Found her in my pool filter!

    I'd say try some strawberry or some banana. (don't use the banana all the time) When I first got mine, that is all she would eat. I had to mix everything with strawberry and banana. That and earthworms. But she was bigger. I know that like beardies, when they are younger they are more...
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