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    Female beardie

    Hello there! I have a female if you guys :D She is one of a breeding pair i have rescued from parents who don't care after the kid went to varsity. I don't want to breed so keeping them separated is a mission! She is yours if you want still need a female? healthy and eats like crazy :lol:
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    Hello from Pretoria, South Africa

    Hello there! Thank you Plantkisser, Phoenix76. Sand has been replaced with tiles for now but going to build a new setup to separate my male and female. My idea is to go as lightweight as possible to be able to move the cage so the maid can clean underneath. I was out today to buy the...
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    Viv pics only thread

    Hi peeps, my first setup :D
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    Hello from Pretoria, South Africa

    Hi peeps, my name is Markus and I am from South Africa. I rescued a pair of beardies from a colleague of mine about a month ago and started the google hunt for information about the wonderful animals and found this great forum :D A humble thank you very much for all the info you guys share on...
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