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    jeweled lacerta not eating/care

    OK so I've only had my jeweled lacerate three days and i figured he would be skittish and hide a lot,which he does, but when should be worried about him not eating. he hasn't eaten in the three days I've had him when should be worried about him now eating. also looking for handling/ taming tips.
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    20Gallon reptile?armadillo lizard?

    Still deciding but i think i have decided to get one! I'm going to wait till after christmas though. I did think for a little while about getting a red eye croc skink or selling the tank and buying/building a large enclosure for a jeweled lacerta. Thanks for the advice!
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    natural substrate questions

    Moving my bearded dragon to a 48in x 18in x 18in enclosure. I am currently using ceramic tile but was thinking about doing play sand mixed with soil for a more realistic enclosure. Maybe even attempting some live plants. Just asking for opinions and thoughts or if anyone else has had success...
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    20Gallon reptile?armadillo lizard?

    Thanks for the help! I'm still deciding if i want to go with the armadillo lizard or sell the 20 gallon and attempt something larger. Im really interested in the jeweled lacerta and find them really fascinating. just looking for something different than your typical bearded dragon or leopard...
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    20Gallon reptile?armadillo lizard?

    I was looking for a lizard to put in a 20 gallon i have. I was looking into forest armadillo lizards, they seem like they would be a good fit but can't find much on care for them. Any care information or other lizard suggestions would be helpful. Not really interested in getting a leo either...
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    are nat geo pellets good?

    i just bought the national geographic juvenile bearded dragon food (looks like peas) to top my beardies salads but when i got it home i checked out the ingredients and found it has spinach in it. I've read spinach can be bad for him should i not feed him the pellets
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    cleaning custom polystyrene basking spot

    I'm thinking about making a polystyrene background/basking spot and the only thing deterring me is how i would keep the background sanitized and clean. any tips?
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    wood basking spot help

    So i am building a wood shelf basking spot for my bearded dragon. I want a real natural look, maybe a rock like look. Im looking for suggestions on what i could do. i was thinking maybe tile but open for suggestions, Thanks!
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