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    Bobbin has built a snowman.
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    March 2022 Photo Competition Winners!

    Bobbin sends his love and thanks. My brother called him fat yesterday so your appreciation has cheered us both up a bit. No one likes to be called fat. Brothers!
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    Bobbin dancing with the daffodils in Victoria Park. First time he has seen a daff too 😊
  4. chin up.jpg

    chin up.jpg

    Bobbin seems to think that this is a completely reasonable and comfortable position to sleep in, suspended between two branches by his chin. Me? I think he looks ridiculous! How did he even get INTO that position ? grin.
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    What is my beardie doing???

    My darling Bobbin came from the breeder and we had a very long chat when Bobbin came to live with me. His passing comment was, weight your Beardie every week and if he is not loosing weight don't worry. this seems to me very good advise!
  6. Bobbin.jpg


    Meet Bobbin - he is helping Santa this year and has been busy practicing with his sleigh and zebras
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