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    Errors in widespread nutrition guides for beardies

    I personally LOVE this idea and your doc that you shared prior to it! I JUST posted about butterworms and conflicting nutrition info. I was finding. I noticed that the info. you had on your chart conflicts with what I found though if you want to check out my source. I included my source here...
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    Butterworm Nutrition Content

    Hi all. So, I got some butterworms for my guy & he loves them so far! However, I kept finding conflicting info. online about the nutrition content so...thought I would share something here for others who may have the same issue. TL;DR: High fat (29.4%), low Ca:P ratio = 1:18 - What I took away...
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    Zen Habitats 4x2x4 or 4x2x2?

    Thank you for your input taterbug! Do you have multiple levels in yours? Or just large branches for climbing?
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    Zen Habitats 4x2x4 or 4x2x2?

    Thanks Karrie. I’m pretty sure I saw pics of both yours last night, but thanks. Also, thank you for your input On this :) *edit: Sorry Karrie! I misspelled your name originally.
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    Zen Habitats 4x2x4 or 4x2x2?

    Hi all. I currently have a little guy (about 3 months) but have been trying to figure out & plan what to do for an upgrade in a few months that will become his permanent home (Not DIY). I really like the look of Zen Habitats plus everything I’ve heard about them so far and I’m pretty set on one...
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