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    beardie goin crazy after i put a mvb on for 1 hour

    Maybe with the new light he can see his reflection better in the glass?
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    Bearded Dragon OPINIONS PLEASE

    Keep the wound clean. You can bathe it with a betadine solution, and put something like neosporin on it. Make sure the viv doesn't have sand or any other loose substrate that could get into the wound, and make sure the viv is kept very clean and poop removed immediately to reduce the infection...
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    Depends on the dragon and what the health issue is. It might be as simple as keeping the tank warmer than normal overnight, removing any hide from the cool end, putting them on the basking spot in the morning until they want to eat (and then again after) and giving them meds for a couple of...
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    Bearded dragon emergency?

    Oh I didn't mean prescribed laxatives, just the mineral oil and pumpkin should be enough to get things moving. You could also try apple sauce (unsweetened unspiced), that works with a lot of beardies. The number of superworms you're feeding him shouldn't be a concern given his age, unless he is...
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    Bearded dragon emergency?

    What are you feeding him, and what substrate is he on? Most dragons on a proper diet will poop regularly, and with the extra laxatives you've been giving him and the warm baths, if he's eating, it would be unusual for him not to be pooping, unless he's ingested something too big/hard for him, or...
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    Brumation varies from dragon to dragon, it normally involves not wanting to eat, and wanting to hide in the cool end of the tank, preferably in the dark if possible, and sleep. Some want to sleep for months, some just a few days, then they wake up and go back down. It involves only a few grams...
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    How hard do Bearded Dragons bite when they do?

    My bf got bitten on the lip by an adult male beardie. It drew blood, but barely, and he had a purpley red dragon-mouth shaped bruise on his lip for a couple of weeks. It was the day he got this guy who'd been given back to the pet shop cos the previous owner didn't have time for him, and the...
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    Adopted an Adult - Past Owner Mentioned Issues

    I'd agree that you need to get the red light out of there and use a bright white bulb for daytime basking, and a CHE to warm to tank at night. She needs the bright white light to protect her eyes from the UV rays, which will be much higher than she is getting at the moment once you get the right...
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    warning Beardies eat Beardies

    I dunno much about dogs, but even with cats, i wouldn't dream of putting a kitten in a room with an adult cat it had never met before and then leaving. In my experience of introducing cats to kittens, the adult is normally more scared than the kitten, but sometimes that results in...
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    watery poo after small impaction,

    If a dragon is really well hydrated, their poop will be normal looking, but surrounded by a puddle of water...the amount of water and how clear it is depends on how long it was since their bath that they pooped (immediately after there'll be more water and it'll be clear, if it's been a few...
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    eating after meds??

    The reason you give them separately is that antibiotics will kill all the good stuff in the probiotics if given at the same time, rendering them useless. So you give the meds, give her time to absorb them, then give the probiotics to help boost her gut flora that'll also have been messed up by...
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    Infertile Eggs/Egg Binding?

    It's not something I've heard of before, and I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think it's a great idea. Normally if they are laying infertile eggs, they'll just have one clutch and get it all out of their system (well, for the year anyway), if they are mated, they'll...
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    eating after meds??

    Personally I'd give her a probiotic or soy yoghurt in addition to the meds (a few hours later) to help get her gut flora back to normal and encourage her to get her appetite back, otherwise she is even less likely to want to eat after the meds than she was before. If she had parasites a year...
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    Infertile Eggs/Egg Binding?

    Laying infertile eggs is pretty common, becoming eggbound isn't. Provided you notice the signs (getting chubbier, scratching around in the viv a lot) and provide her with a nice box to lay in, the chances of her ever being eggbound is very very slim. There really isn't that much to it...she'll...
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    Oh wow, the poor little thing, I don't think I've ever seen one so skinny. fingers crossed she starts eating for you voluntarily, then she'll put some weight on and start looking healthier. It's great that she's more active already.
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    Adopted an Adult - Past Owner Mentioned Issues

    Oh, and as for training...just be persistent with whatever you do. Beardies learn routines very quickly, even if they are a bit rubbish at learning simple facts of nature like the fact that they can't walk through glass! My bf's female responds to her name (not that she'll come when called, but...
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    Adopted an Adult - Past Owner Mentioned Issues

    Adults don't always poop that often...average seems to be about every 3 or 4 days...some go more often, some go once a week. Going every 2 weeks isn't outside the range of normal, and shouldn't be unhealthy provided the poop is well formed and he's not really straining to go. Your plan of more...
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    Handling A New Beardie

    Aww you poor thing :( Do hang on in there, it will get better, I promise. When my baby was very teeny, her and all her clutchmates hated being picked up, then once they were up, they hated being put down. Stupid babies. When I decided which ones we were keeping, I moved them to my bedroom (I...
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    Sleeping with the lights on?

    teeny babies are often easily disturbed by light, but adults can sleep pretty much anywhere and any time they want, juvies somewhere in between. My bf brings his beardie out for afternoon naps sometimes, and as soon as she realises it's sleep time, she'll gape for a few minutes to cool down...
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    Semi-vicious baby, what to do?

    I'd agree with everything said above, and also add, talk to them. When I had the babies, as I was walking up to the viv I'd say 'hello babies, how are you doing?' and then carry on talking calmy about how cute they were or how much poop they'd done or whatever...just stupid inane stuff to get...
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