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    TOO much ventilation in Dubia bin?

    If the water cyrstals in the dish look dry, add water to them. They are re-usable you know... Years ago I worried about humidity, I dont any more. I keep the tops off on all my colonies and only worry about the food, water and the temp (stays between 80-85)
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    dubia - max heat?

    From experience once you get over 105 things go bad, quickly. (Air temp not surface temp)
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    Help roach guys!!!

    Holy mold batman, I would get rid of it ASAP. Looks like the roach just dropped the egg sack, nothing to worry about.
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    dubia question

    It could be a few different things. 1) Too many males in the enclosure 2) Not enough protein in the diet 3) Weaker males will get attacked by others
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    Funky Egg Sac? *Pics*

    This is strictly my opinion. I have seen this with some of my females. I believe its the sack that actually holds the "egg sack" inside the females. My theory is they either push it out after giving birth, dropping an infertile sack or near death. I have looked into it before and never found...
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    What are these?! W/ pics

    I do see 7 fat healthy females tho!
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    What other Roaches do you breed?

    I have never seen a female escape, BUT you can find lateralis in Las Vegas...
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    What are these?! W/ pics

    They kinda look like very young hissers. I havent kept lobsters in so long I cant remember exactly what they look like!
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    Dubia Colony Temperature

    My room is heated with a oil filled heater. It stays roughly 85-87. I never saw production improvements with temps above this.
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    I dont know the exact measurement of the box when I do my order but its roughly 40"x40"x60" Its massive!!!
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    Gnats and other Dubia problems.

    I would suggest lowering your temps between 85-90. We clean tubs about once a month when we pull the babies out. I freeze all the eggflats to kill off any gnat eggs that have been laid inside them. I also dont recommend keeping a top on them. (it sounds like you do) Try this if its possible...
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    What other Roaches do you breed?

    I would suggest lateralis as a secondary roach. I have seen males fly and the babies seem to be able to climb a bit.
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    My Dubia bin got mold ):

    Its usually when they eat molded food that becomes a problem. I think your be fine.
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    I Have A Hermaphrodite Roach!!

    I have seen weird looking males but never put a second throught to them. Next time we sort through everything I might take a closer look. Very intriguing!!
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    Do female roaches produce egg sacs without fertilization?

    Very interesting question and I dont have an answer for it. Let us know what happens!
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    Pruning/Culling your Dubia colony...

    I have seen many people in Florida with dubia so you are probably right on that part! (I do not condone anyone in Florida to keep dubia!!!!!!)
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    Question for Breeders

    There are a lot of hobbiest selling extra dubia sure. It takes a lot of time to run a business around it.
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    Pruning/Culling your Dubia colony...

    The only roaches you can keep in FL with a permit are discoids, craniifer and one type of hisser.
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    Question for Breeders

    If it was so simple everyone would be selling dubia :)
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    Where do you buy your dubias?

    When I first got into breeding many moons ago I thought it was very important to have a very diverse collection from many different breeders. I ordered roaches from at least 10 different individuals, including the large breeders. I never had a problem with introducing the roaches to each other...
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