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  1. Stubby

    Beardie and Cat

    My cat, Dude, loves my beardie, Lizzie Stubbs, but I never leave them alone together because Dude would get too rough. When Lizzie recognises Dude , she walks up to his paws and gives him a kiss with her tongue. He hates that! I have noticed that Lizzie does that when he starts playing too...
  2. Stubby

    Things Nobody mentions about Beardies!

    Very sweet :) We all need to eat jellybeans and bubble-gum pie !!!
  3. Stubby

    Traveling with Beardies????

    Durbs? Wow, put him on the beach and your beardie will think he is"back home" in Australia! LOL enjoy the trip 8)
  4. Stubby

    New here

    I think the largest expense for me are the superworms and crickets, but I have discovered veggies that my dragons WILL eat (They mostly wasted their salad before!) I buy frozen diced vegetables (the 1kg packets that we eat) and remove a few every evening to thaw in the fridge. In the morning I...
  5. Stubby

    Where do you get your crickets?

    Our local petshop buys from Crickets for Africa in KZN...costly because we pay courier fees (I am in the Cape). I cant complain about the crickets - I buy by size and the adults are a fair size. I also feed superworms (which I believe are healthier than mealworms), but they cost me 60c each and...
  6. Stubby

    Traveling with Beardies????

    Velcro goes with me whenever I travel, and I use an ordinary hamster cage! At first I covered the cage with a towel because she was anxious, but now she sits on the dashboard and basks as we travel...Our longest trip was from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, and she was fine! If she became...
  7. Stubby

    Things Nobody mentions about Beardies!

    I was most amused to hear about the racist dragon! It must be an old Vaalie habit :) I am in the Cape, and Velcro hasn't demonstrated any such tendencies - I suspect that she will even vote for COPE in the upcoming elections!! She does, however, hate dogs...must have heard the sad story about...
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