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    Glass surfing with black beard

    They say when they get like that it could be because they wanna mate too as well not just being upset. At least what I’ve read. I can be wrong though so don’t quote me on that !
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    Black and orange beard

    The black on there neck is all about mood, if they get black and puff up they aren’t in the best mood. But it’s completely normal so don’t worry! He looks like my baby!
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    Meet Cider the bearded dragon 🙃

    Just got him a day ago he’s only 9 months and is a cutie and loves to be held! It’s so amazing getting these they are so friendly 🙃 I never had one before so this will be my first ball park 😬 lmk what you think about my new baby boy!
  4. Cider the love bug

    Cider the love bug

    I’m a 9 month old bearded dragon that just moved with a new family, I love to eat worms and crickets or roaches; even fruits!
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