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  1. kalipbean

    I have decided to name him Toby!

    Cute, but Toby from the Office is always so miserable!
  2. kalipbean

    Babbs X Dozer baby's 2 weeks old already!!

    Aww how cute. So tiny, not for long!
  3. kalipbean

    couple questions

    Rocks are okay for basking spots, just be careful as darker rocks tend to hold heat and get much hotter than lighter color ones. Test rock temp before placing beardie in cage as if he hops on a hot rock, he wont know and it will end up burning his belly. 114 is a bit hot, try to kick it down a...
  4. kalipbean

    Using Tile as the basking spot?

    Just try not to have the tiles really close to the bulb, the darker the tile, the hotter it gets. Slate will get the hottest as its the darkest, ceramic should be fine. Just test before using to make sure temps are okie dokie.
  5. kalipbean

    Dresser to Enclosure

    As said above, depth is very important. Some dressers are only 12-15 inches deep, which is much to small for an adult dragon. 18inches deep is the minimum for an adult while 24" or larger is preferred.
  6. kalipbean

    Superworm Question

    Yes, they can be used as a staple and as the above poster said with any new feeder, introduce it slowly. I would feed one or so, let her digest it and make sure its all digested properly. Some dragons get hooked on supers and its hard to switch them back to something else, so i would feed her a...
  7. kalipbean

    Mushuis getting a new enclosed

    I've used the grout sealer from lowes/home depot with good luck. You can get the mod podge in a matte finish so its not glossy, they sell both gloss & matte. The mod podge is a lil easier for cleaning.
  8. kalipbean

    Fake Rock Color - Need help w/ paint colors

    Looks good, maybe add some dark tones to the bottom where its all that one solid color.
  9. kalipbean

    Mushuis getting a new enclosed

    Looks great, just make sure to let the grout cure for about 2-3 days before sealing it. Nice job
  10. kalipbean

    Ut Uh...rubbermade bin and UTH

    Shouldnt be a problem but you might want to hook it up to a dimmer so it doesnt get way to hot and burn your lil roaches =) Keep a temp probe in there too to monitor the temps for a while just to make sure.
  11. kalipbean

    Dubia Roach Guide

    If you need any pictures, id be glad to help! Could also give you some recipes for a awesome fruit/veggie mix that the roaches go nuts for. Just pm me if you need anything.
  12. kalipbean

    Dubia Roach Guide

    I would put some pics on your site, its kind of bland with just a bunch of text. Add some pictures of your own colonies to spruce it up a bit and make it more appealing.
  13. kalipbean

    Tank Space Problems

    I wouldnt let it hang over the edge for a couple reasons. Most 40gallon or smaller tanks dont have center supports, so hanging over the edge might put some extra stress on it. And if you tile it, try to have the tank on all surfaces because of the weight.
  14. kalipbean

    Tiling Enclosure Safely

    Yea, the 6x6 wont fit exactly. Just cut about 3/8" or so off and they'll fit snug. I believe lowes or home depot will cut them or i just bought a tile blade and cut them yourself. Well worth the time. Yea, poop will go in the cracks, but just clean the tiles it touches. Only will be 2 tiles...
  15. kalipbean

    Chloe and Her Tummy

    Looks like she was playing in the mud!
  16. kalipbean

    why not crushed walnut substrate

    SLate tiles all the way! Lot more grip compared to ceramic, and they will last you a lifetime as they dont go bad compared to other liners. Easy to clean, and i think they look good too. Also keep their nails trimmed too.
  17. kalipbean

    New pics of Little Dude

    How cute, ahh the days when they are small... Yea, that ends very quick!
  18. kalipbean

    Outdoor shots...

    Those leatherbacks are gorgeous!
  19. kalipbean

    This Idea just wont leave Me alone.

    Location, Location, Location is always the biggest factor in opening a new business. First, what pet stores are around your area, and more importantly which ones are close to where your business will be located? Customer Service - Some mom/pop pet stores are great for service. Some, are...
  20. kalipbean

    Dubia/Roach breeders I got a ?

    I found my heating pad on ebay for $12 shipped, great deal and its almost impossible to find them w/o a auto-shut off in the store. With the low amount of roaches your starting with, keep em all in 1 bin. If i were you, id try to bump up the numbers your getting. More you get, faster you'll be...
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