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  1. GrandpaM

    Hello Beardie folks!

    Here is there setup.
  2. GrandpaM

    Hello Beardie folks!

    Yes, I'm sorry... they are not cohabitating. Each has their own 40 gallon in a stacked arrangement so they can't see each other.
  3. GrandpaM

    Zoomies/glass surfing/wanting outside !!

    I have a female and a male that we got last Dec. that are kept in separate tanks. The weather warmed up a little over a week ago, so we separately took them outside to bask in the sun a bit. The female caught a couple bugs before I could stop her. But now she constantly wants out of her...
  4. GrandpaM

    Hello Beardie folks!

    Hello everyone. Just joined up after taking stewardship of my grandsons' 2 beardies last December; Cuddles and Spike. It has been an awesome learning journey thus far, but I hope to glean more information from you all here about the proper care and treatment of these awesome creatures...
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