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  1. DragonsInKansas

    OgleRpets Picture Thread (new pics 10-28-10)

    Severus looks AMAZING!
  2. DragonsInKansas

    Reptile Expo/Shows

    Just go to, they list all the shows. That way you can see what your options are.
  3. DragonsInKansas

    Reptile Expo/Shows

    Just go to, they list all the shows. That way you can see what your options are.
  4. DragonsInKansas

    First rankins dragon morph!

    I'm not able to see the pictures :cry:
  5. DragonsInKansas

    new chahoua

    VERY NICE! I'm completely jealous. I finally saved up the funds to invest in one of these little guys but they are just hard to find. Pain in my butt. I'm thinking about going to the big Tinley show in October, hopefully i can track one down there. Where do you get your cutie?
  6. DragonsInKansas

    patternless beardie

    type wiblits into the search box, there are 3 or 4 threads going on about this. I personally think they are pretty (superrrr expensive, but very cool looking).
  7. DragonsInKansas

    Why do my super worms keep dying when I seperate them

    You poked holes in the compartments right? It takes a lot of energy for them to change into beetles, so only the biggest and fatest will survive. If you pick out only the fatest ones and put them somewhere warm they should make the first step of the change in 7-10 days.............for a day or...
  8. DragonsInKansas

    Crestie or Leo?

    I have cresties, and my favorite have to keep minimal live food on hand (a couple crickets or roaches once a week) And they don't require any heat lamps so they don't contribute to the horrible electric bill we have from our beardies.
  9. DragonsInKansas

    great online breeders

    My #1 favorite is Tom Clarke at I have 2 of his and I was very pleased with his customer service and with his beardies. I got a trans leatherback and a hypo leatherback through him.
  10. DragonsInKansas

    Witblits babies hatching!

    Very nice, i have no doubt you'll be able to find someone to make the investment. New morphs always cost more. If I had the money then I'd buy one. The only reason i'd complain about the price is because I don't have the money. haha. People are always going to want things for next to nothing.
  11. DragonsInKansas

    new rankins

    Sooooo cute!
  12. DragonsInKansas

    sandfiredragonranch and others

    kingsnake is where I see most of Josh's adds, but you are correct, he does not have a website
  13. DragonsInKansas

    Your rarest most colorful dragon!

    I feel like i'm getting a photo shop tutorial :lol:
  14. DragonsInKansas

    Dubia escapees

    I get mine form waffle house :D
  15. DragonsInKansas

    Need some info for 1st time geckos owner..

    Haha, and here i've been thinking that i'm not nearly as funny as I think i am. I just think it's a funny name for a HUGE lizard
  16. DragonsInKansas

    First Beardie needs name!!

    You need a name..........we need pictures :D
  17. DragonsInKansas

    Dubia escapees

    I've lost a few dubia and I always find them dead in a day or two. They need very warn temps to survive (this is why they are illegal in Flordia) So if you live somewhere where it isn't super warm year round.........then you're fine.
  18. DragonsInKansas

    New Cresties

    He's done much stranger things
  19. DragonsInKansas

    New Cresties

    Hurry! Someone call Montel! We need a paternity test!
  20. DragonsInKansas

    more gecko madness

    Love the frog butt on the last one! I'd of scooped him up too!
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