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  1. snowdragon

    Scariest experiance you have had with your beardies

    I had just gotten a leatherback and I was cleaning her cage and when I was done I forgot to close the door and left. About 30 mins later I walk in and she was gone. My cat was in the room with her the whole time and I went crazy mad looking for her. I tore the place up and could not find her...
  2. snowdragon

    Lets see some translucents.

    If you put a flash light under them you can see all the good stuff and most translucents do have black eyes.
  3. snowdragon

    Lets see some translucents.

    I will start off by sharing my citrus translucent.
  4. snowdragon

    Citrus Dragons, show us yours! new baby pics 12/19

    Here is my citrus tiger smoothie. The first pic is without a flash. Also trying out my new camera and loving the pic quality.
  5. snowdragon

    12x12 vinyl adhesive tiles - brilliant

    I was told that the fumes from the glue were not good at all and over time the tiles where your basking light would come up.
  6. snowdragon

    How often should I give my beardie crickets???

    This is a good topic and I would love to hear what others think would be the good age to stop feeding crickets every day and offer salad instead.
  7. snowdragon

    Can anyone tell the sex?

    My vote is a female, but Im no expert.
  8. snowdragon

    Shipping dragons?

    Anything can die during shipping. Breeders have been shipping BD for a long time and all the shipments I have gotten have been in great health. Dragons will be fine aslong as they are shipped right.
  9. snowdragon

    Smoothie vs leatherback

    Whats the difference between the two types of morphs? They look pretty much the same to me.
  10. snowdragon

    Shipping dragons?

    Would it be ok to ship two dragons in the same box?
  11. snowdragon

    Shipping dragons?

    Wow thanks for the info!
  12. snowdragon

    Shipping dragons?

    Just wondering how you ship dragons. Do you box the dragon before you take them to Fedex or do you take the dragon to Fedex and they box them for you?
  13. snowdragon

    does anyone have beardies living together besides breeders??

    I have heard many times that its not a good idea, but I do have two brothers that live together and I have not had any problems with them YET. They have been together for about 5 mths now.
  14. snowdragon

    Im going to make a fake rock!

    Mod Podge is the best for what your building. I would skip out on the cutting tool you wont need it. Just use a steak knife.
  15. snowdragon

    Here is a picture of a female dubia laying an egg sack

    Well I was real close on giving up and today I opened the bin up to put new water gel and new food in when I saw it. I am the new proud poppa of some babies. There are only about 12 of them but at least I have some. :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:
  16. snowdragon

    Temps for crickets?

    I did not know they could chew thru regular screen...Well I will have to get the metal screen now
  17. snowdragon

    Temps for crickets?

    I was thinking about adding a heat lamp.
  18. snowdragon

    Temps for crickets?

    Whats wrong with wood?
  19. snowdragon

    Temps for crickets?

    I had some extra wood laying around so I built a cricket cage with a screened bottom to help with the smell and I am planning on keeping it outside. My questions is how cold is too cold? I live in Tampa.
  20. snowdragon

    Here is a picture of a female dubia laying an egg sack

    Here is a pic of my setup
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