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  1. KarmaMoon

    Silkworm Eggs

    After my Silkworm moth lays eggs on the paper, how do i safely remove the eggs from the paper they are laid on. they are well glued to it it seems.
  2. KarmaMoon

    same thing different name for it?

    is a translucent bearded dragon the same as a blue bar bearded dragon, just a different name?
  3. KarmaMoon

    Head vibrating

    Apologies, My head is in other places. It helps them produce V D3, that helps them absorb calcium. to much calcium can then cause issues.
  4. KarmaMoon

    How long do you keep your beardie out (in the house)?

    I got a Pet playpen. So she gets 2 h out in the house, and also a hour outside in the sun pending weather.
  5. KarmaMoon

    Head vibrating

    I second it is most likely to much UVB. this can cause them to produce to much calcium causing issues. with changing your arcadia bulb to the lower it should help a bit, if it keeps up, I think the reptisun T5 10.0 is just a tad less UVB. If you have the $ get a solar meter to check the uvb...
  6. KarmaMoon

    Is this tail rot?

    No definitely not. Most dragon's tales are a bit darker or a bit faded looking. What you are looking for is going to be a dark crinkled fry look, or like the end of a cigarette when someone doesn't knock off the ashes.
  7. KarmaMoon

    too much sun?

    Definitely yes, as why a hide on hot and cold side of the enclosure is needed. Or a hide available when outside. Dragon's know when they need uvb. If they cant get out of it when needed they can over produce calcium causing issues. Also even though they don't Sun burn like humans. It can...
  8. KarmaMoon

    Baby is Depressed?

    Ok Update Vet visit is good, he said he is completely healthy pending fecal test results. My Husbandry is spot on. As long as the fecal is good, He thinks her being moody like is her being a teenager and territorial because of seeing the foster dragon.
  9. KarmaMoon

    Baby is Depressed?

    I mis typed on my temps. As you see in photos with my temp probe we are 90-110 and maybe a bit more so she has a wide range of temps to move around in. And yes I know a screen can block uvb. This is why I have a UVB meter. It depends on how wide the holes are in it ect. My enclosure is a...
  10. KarmaMoon

    Baby is Depressed?

    Yes on top of mesh screen. I have a zen habit. Yes I have a digital temp probe and zap it frequently around my baby where she bask. And it’s a good 88-93 depending on house temp and such. And yes my uvb meter shows correct Ferguson zone even through the mesh
  11. KarmaMoon

    Baby is Depressed?

    Standard bulb for basking and T5 10.0 uvb I have a UVB meter to keep a eye on uvb bulb to ensure it’s output Stays good. I also have a doggie outside play pen and when wether permits I let my baby outside for at least 30 mins a day to get natural uvb
  12. KarmaMoon

    Baby is Depressed?

    I thought she may be a he when I seen that but also read it females donit as well. Wel the vet on Saturday will tell me. Another idea is she may be going in to brumation. As well right now at 7 pm she has just went to sleep. She never did so early before. Lights out is 930 pm
  13. KarmaMoon

    How to tell the difference between damaged scales and scale rot?

    I would only wipe down the tummy with it. I would fear a bath because well my baby will drink the water.
  14. KarmaMoon

    How to tell the difference between damaged scales and scale rot?

    I am not an expert and only 5 months in to having a dragon. But my thoughts 1 of course those lines r stress lines. 2 those dark dots are odd. I have read people say useing neosporn with out pain relief on tail rot after they soak it in watered down Betadine. So maybe just wipe it with a thin...
  15. KarmaMoon

    Baby is Depressed?

    My girl is 8 mo old. She has always been relaxed and chill. I think I over whelmed her this this week. Let’s rewind to last Saturday, we picked up a rescue dragon that we are just fostering (it has a new home and goes there in 7 days) My husband when he brought it in just placed the enclosure...
  16. KarmaMoon

    Outdoor playpen ideas
  17. KarmaMoon

    New Adopted adult beardie won’t eat, help!

    Have you tried to put Bee pollen on it??
  18. KarmaMoon

    Show me your dragons baby & adult photo

    Yours helps me alot. As i was looking at a guy that is kinda like yours. This guy.
  19. KarmaMoon

    Show me your dragons baby & adult photo

    As I look at beardie babies I think wow those r cute with those patterns. Though I rarely see adults with them. So I started searching and the only “baby to adult photo” I found was this and I though NO WAY. So if you have had your dragon sis can baby can you show me how they have changed from...
  20. KarmaMoon

    I am in trouble! (I fed bugs in the morning- big mistake)

    how long have you had the baby, mine it took maybe 2-4 weeks before she didn't have those stripes on her tummy.
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