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  1. JakeJHB

    repti sol 10.0 UVB 15W T8?

    Has anyone ever heard of a light called: repti sol 10.0 UVB 15W T8? A friend bought one for his beardie, but I'm guessing it's a zoomed ripoff?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. JakeJHB

    Too Active?!

    Thanks for the bump Daryl. I am pretty good at feeling lumps and bumps in the abdomen, and I am reasonably sure she doesn't want to lay anything just yet. But just to be sure, I have gotten her a lay box to supplement the sand in her enclosure. I have also upped her UV and Calcium dosage with...
  3. JakeJHB

    Too Active?!

    She's about 15 months old. I hadn't really thought of that, but she isn't showing any signs of egg bulges, or bloating- if anything she is rather thin since her burmination spell.
  4. JakeJHB

    UV setup to cover a distance of 40 inches?

    I have a tank that is 32inches high(35"W and 70"L). It has two levels, with the upper level 14 inches from the lights. Now, because I live in South Africa, I haven't found a place that sells a UV meter- so instead I'll have to go on the thoughts of the forum - A distant second I know, but here's...
  5. JakeJHB

    Too Active?!

    My beardie finished burminating about one week ago, and she has been incredibly active ever since! So much that she spends almost half of the day running around her tank and the rest glass dancing. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but she has managed to wear down her nails to stubs, and both...
  6. JakeJHB


    Ok, so it's now a lot warmer and all the trees are green again... And she's still sleeping?! Is a little over 4 months normal?!
  7. JakeJHB

    The odd friendship

    Actually the cat just kinda stretched out a little after lia landed on her, and started to Purr. The slightly annoyed look is the flash from the previous photo. The shot I missed while grabbing my camera is where Lia literally snuggles into her fur! It was very cute.
  8. JakeJHB

    Cute Photo's

    I've got a couple of cute photo's I thought I'd share- feel free to add your own! And a rare eye bulging photo too:
  9. JakeJHB

    my beardie doesn't like flashes, but look at the photo!!

    :blob5: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :blob8:
  10. JakeJHB

    The odd friendship

    Background: My cat is rather old (18yrs) and never tries anything "cat-like" anymore. Instead she parades around the house inspecting the new objects and lounges in the sun for the rest of the day. So I guess you could say she has a little beardy inside her. Well on the first day I got my...
  11. JakeJHB

    Viv pics only thread

    It's been two months of work, and a lot of electrical fiddling- but I have finally finished my tank! I first mentioned it as "the ultimate enclosure" viewtopic.php?f=34&t=91875&hilit=#p715923 So anyways, here is the final result: The interior is still being upgraded, but the electronics are...
  12. JakeJHB


    Ok, she's officially down and out for the count! so cute!
  13. JakeJHB

    What veggies to feed

    Hi, I must say this was a big problem for me too! It took ages to translate the beautifuldragons page into something a south african could use! So far I have worked out a relatively ok diet, and it grows in my garden so it doesn't cost anything! Most of these things are available at the nearest...
  14. JakeJHB


    So has anyone's dragons gone to sleep yet? Just curious cos mine seems to be slowing down rather dramatically with the recent temp drops.
  15. JakeJHB

    Things Nobody mentions about Beardies!

    Hey, I've had my beardie for about six months now and I've picked up a few things, tips and quirks that nobody has explicitly mentioned in any care sheets I've read yet. I'm sure this list is actually very long, so feel free to add to it! 1. Beardies change colour! From light to dark- this...
  16. JakeJHB

    Lobster Roaches

    I am trying to find a Lobster Roach breeder that delivers to Helderkruin, Roodepoort, Or is close enough for me to pick up an order! I seems roach breeders dont like listing their services on the internet, making them damn near impossible to track down!! Can anyone point me in the right...
  17. JakeJHB


    Do You guys know who where I can find a list of the suppliers that will be there?
  18. JakeJHB

    Blown Light, on the first day!

    I just finished my new enclosure for my beardie, and everything was going to plan. My final step was installing the lights- One normal light for ambiance, one arcadia 20W and one Reptiglo 10.0 36W with tinfoil reflectors behind them. Each light has it's own balast suited to it's required...
  19. JakeJHB

    40" from UV light?

    I have really gone all out with my viv, so I decided to build a tank that can hold arboreal or ground dwelling lizards, whichever I pick at that point in my life. That said, The tank size is: width 70cm or 28inches length 160cm or 63inches height 100cm or 40inches In total it is a 305 gallon...
  20. JakeJHB

    40" from UV light?

    Ok, I'm in the final stages on my viv, and I have one final problem to solve. I have to find some way to get enough UVB to the floor of my viv, 40" away. I have installed a 36W reptisun and a 20W arcadia D3+, I have also lined the board behind the lights with aluminium foil as a reflector. The...
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