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  1. chancellor91

    Can i feed Pill Bugs aka rolli polli

    if any admin could help with this, thanks for the parasite info, i just want some back up on this to make sure is all
  2. chancellor91

    Can i feed Pill Bugs aka rolli polli

    cause Beefcake, my beardie loves them to death, and nothing has seemed to happen to her since she has eatten a couple, but i want to check
  3. chancellor91

    first timer, real problems

    hi, since a bunch of people have looked at ur post but havnt responded i will, so here is the basic husbandry that you should have but do not, and im not blaming you, almost 100% of the time it is the vet store who sold her to you. -your tank is a little small, but considering how small your...
  4. chancellor91

    My beardie was diagnosed as clinically obese

    so i took her to my vet on the 21st of this month, and i got a fecal done, she has 1 pinworm, which the vet doc was not very concerned about and she also had roundworm ova, which she is very concerned about, and also has girardia cyst. The doctor is treating the roundworm ova with derontal and...
  5. chancellor91

    Shedding issue?

    BATHS BATHS BATHS thats all i can suggest and a light fluffy tooth brush
  6. chancellor91

    brumation or pregnant? im confused

    well i talked to tracie, or drach i mean, and i gonna try a lay box tomarrow, she gave me ideas on how to make one, can anyone take some pics and tell me how u made urs? drach i like ur idea of a lay box i just wanna see others so dnt get offended :|
  7. chancellor91

    brumation or pregnant? im confused

    no she hanst been with any guys, i wont let her sleep around like that unless dad (me) approves so i guess she just likes to play games with me
  8. chancellor91


    my beardie loves to come out of cage also, but if i hold her in my room(where cage is located) she goes BANANAS to get back in there lol she wwill climb in there if i let her, but if i take her out of my room she loves every moment of it, so my suggestion, hand feeeding is good for trust and...
  9. chancellor91

    brumation or pregnant? im confused

    ok here we go -180 grams (she is putting 5 to 10 grams a day on) -15 inchs (still growing) -anywhere from 8 to 10 months old -repticarpet -reptisun 10.0 tube -105 baskin -78 cool side -she has always liked to dig, ever since i got her, she has been digging anywhere and everywhere i let her go...
  10. chancellor91

    crickets need a lot of ventalation???

    i had 1000 crix in a 20 gal tank and they all bassically died, they where on their back twitching?? is this because of bad ventilation?
  11. chancellor91

    Lots of crickets dying, turning black and mushy

    wow i just came on her today to do this post but someone beat me to it, my crix arny neccisarily (sp) black and mushy but they are dying and someone how a flyy managed to lay eggs in there, i got all the fly larva out but im wondering what cause this, they have water, food, hide and everything...
  12. chancellor91

    can she eat grass from my front yard?

    she really likes it, no fertilizer for months, can she munch on it?
  13. chancellor91

    Numerous Problems with Premium Crickets

    i personaly use flunkers crix, they way cheaper and better
  14. chancellor91

    Cricket Breeding questions

    alrite this is the way to do it since no one is telling you how, and i have a very succesfull crix colony going, about 1,000 cirx, from 500 i ordered 500 crix from flunkers to start and her is my set up - i got a 20 gal fish tank for free from a teacher - i have a undertank heater for 85...
  15. chancellor91

    Im torn!! Which would you choose? NEED HELP!

    you canty tell they are both females, its a shot in the dark they are to young right?
  16. chancellor91

    Dying Lizard :/

    i didnt see in post above,. but what light are u using, and my lil girl had diahrea and it turned out to be coccidia so check that out asap
  17. chancellor91


    just to let u kno, kale is okay as a treat but not the best everyother day because it inhibits calcium intake
  18. chancellor91

    Help!! It Baby beardie is not using his back legs

    ya impaction would be my biggest concern
  19. chancellor91

    Something I Yelled At My Female Bearded Dragon Today.

    bravo bravo lol :mrgreen:
  20. chancellor91

    crix dead from petco? but not from online store?

    i have purchased 300 crix to start a colony from petco, 30 bucks, and half of them have died, so i decided to order 500 offline from flunkers, because they where the cheapest and their crix didnt die last time, anyone got an explanation? i have a 20 gal tank for my crix with a floor heat to keep...
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