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    FlapJack16's Legacy Uploads

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    Rehoming 2 year old male beardie

    No... as I said it is just for lighting... I have one 24" uvb
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    Rehoming 2 year old male beardie

    I have a male bearded dragon named FlapJack, just about 2 years old, that I am looking to rehome to somebody with more exotic animal experience, specifically bearded dragon experience, than I. I am posting this here because I want to avoid craigslist. Anyone who has been actively viewing or...
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    Can I use branches from my backyard for reptile tanks?

    I wanted to put some climbing/"enrichment" branches in both my bearded dragon and snake tank. I know that people can collect and disinfect branches to do just that, but I wanted to know your thoughts on it. You can also get grapevines- I totally get that- but they are very pricy to get several...
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    Advice on taking beardie outside and most comfy leash choice

    He is about 18 months. Any details on leash/no leash?
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    Advice on taking beardie outside and most comfy leash choice

    I want to bring my beardie in my backyard with me on a leash. I think people take them out without leashes, I did that once and he was all good, but my mom doesn't think it is a good idea at all to bring him outside. Thoughts on that? Can I take him outside on a leash? If yes, which "design"...
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    Is he too skinny?

    I was wondering if my bearded dragon is too skinny. He is about 20 months old. I give him a few leaves of greens in the morning, he is really picky about them, usually eats a few. Right now he gets a small handful of watercress in the AM and eats most of it. I give him 1" roaches, about 5-6 a...
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    Very active beardie? Normal?

    Hey, I was wondering how often and for how long you let your beardie roam. I have an 18 month beardie, male, and he has been really active lately, glass surfing, wall surfing, bumping wall/glass with his nose, etc. He has been doing this for months, I think ever since he came out of brumation...
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    Roach subscription and vitamin question

    I started a subscription of 25 (3/4") roaches delivered each week for my beardie, who is 18 to 19 months. The space between his eyes is about an inch, but he seems to do much better with the slightly smaller ones- he struggles a bit with the 1 inch size roaches, especially if they grow a little...
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    Can I feed organic spring mix every day?

    What do you do for staple veggies?
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    Vegetation help

    I cut them up into small pieces, but not minced. I ordered dubia today, and plan to try some new greens
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    Can I feed organic spring mix every day?

    Darn- I wish there was a greens mix, it'd make it easy, cost effective, healthy for him, and less wasteful. Well, thanks- I'll try your method. My BD seems entirely bored of the veggies I give him- he won't touch them- I haven't given him any greens other than collard+mustard in his life, and...
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    Can I feed organic spring mix every day?

    Hopefully this can be a staple food- it is a great way to get a BUNCH of variety in one "package", much less waste, etc. If I were to buy the 15 greens/veggies I have listed below, I am not sure my family would even get through it while it is fresh- and we incorporate a lot of veggies into our...
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    Why does he do this? :/

    revisiting this in March and the behavior continues- I guess he is very desperate to explore. I don't take him out because I get worried he will get hurt, jump off things, crawl under things, get stuck, etc.
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