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    Vh621's Legacy Uploads

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    Alternative to f10sc?

    Hey, I guess overall would be good. If it can do pretty much the exact same as f10sc that would be perfect.
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    Alternative to f10sc?

    Does anyone know of a good alternative to f10sc? It's impossible to find here in the US. Any alternative that's just as effective, safe to use around animals and that is also easily available in US would be awesome.?
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    Hanging out on top of light fixture Hello, to post a picture just click the link upload a picture then hit XIMG. As far as your beardie hanging out on his light fixture it could be a setup issue. What kind of lights do you have, what are your temps and how are you measuring them, are the...
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    Northern Blue Tongue Skinks

    Hello, have you tried fauna It's how I got my bts, I posted a wanted add and was able to find someone local. Good luck.
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    Nix Needs Your Positive Energy!

    Wow that is crazy! I remember when Echo was little I would handfeed her. She nipped my finger a few times and even as a little 6 or 7 inch dragon I could feel the power of those jaws. I knew when she was older they would only get more stronger, If a baby has a lot of bite power it doesn't...
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    Reptile expo super show experience

    I've only gone to the one in Whiteplains New York it's pretty awesome, always tons of animals and inverts. I've had a lot of fun there. I just got into tarantula's so when I go back in November I'm going to be getting two more lol.
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    This is Treecko he's my 5 month old leo. When I first got him he was really flighty and now he lets me hold him when I take him out he usually walks up to my forearm and lays down. It might seem like affection but he's just absorbing warmth, still cute though lol. He can still be pretty flighty...
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    Why do I go on craigslist

    Yea that's what I thought, I said the exact same thing about the price, I was thinking of emailing the owner but tbh I doubt it would do anything or get a response. I do know this guy who runs a rescue which includes reptiles. I was thinking of emailing him and see if he might be interested but...
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    Why do I go on craigslist

    Came across this add on craigslist. Am I nuts or does this dragon aside from looking thin look like it has MBD? Edit: never mind the thin part I think the weight is fine based on the second pic but there is...
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    Silk worms

    You can try ebay I ordered from a seller before and they were packed really well, came with food. Though they only had small ones but silkworms grow pretty quick so that wasn't to much of an issue.
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    New Yorks reptile expo

    Yesterday was the White Plains reptile expo, saw some really beautiful beardies both older and young? And because I know there are some bts admirers (myself included)?
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