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    How to rehabilitate a dragons legs?

    Hi, My dragons spend a lot of time outside. They roam freely and my garden is private, so no way for them to get out accidentally or on purpose. She will move to the other side of the garden to her favorite spot, but it takes her ages to get there and lots of effort. I've started putting her on...
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    How to rehabilitate a dragons legs?

    Hi All, my female Bearded Dragon injured her left front leg after she was accidentally stepped on. She was treated with anti-inflammatory and pain medication. The vet determined that it wasn't broken or dislocated. This took place some time ago already, but here is my new challenge: During...
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    Eating habits are opposite? Is this normal?

    OK. So her temperature dropped off a lot so I moved her back into her home and transferred all the sand from the box. She has plenty room in her cage and I can regulate the temp easily. Her wellbeing is important and for me to manage it easily. I'll post progress. I'm a little manic so will...
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    Eating habits are opposite? Is this normal?

    Serious question. I had to rebuild the box. She dug a big enough hole to fit in. No idea if she's laid because she's still in it. She is fast asleep though. Can I just leave her in? I'm sleeping in the same room as her tonight because I'm afraid something goes wrong. Am I over reacting. She...
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    Eating habits are opposite? Is this normal?

    She's reached the bottom and I'm not sure if it will keep shape. I'll check moisture often
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    Eating habits are opposite? Is this normal?

    She started digging in the box. Only sand and vermiculite damped together. How do I ensure that her cave doesn't collapse and when can I approach her? I'm really happy she started. Makes me feel like I've done something right :) Any advice in next step or to-dos? Posting a pic now
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    Eating habits are opposite? Is this normal?

    Perfect. Thanks. Im hoping that the eggs are not fertile because I don't have appropriate heat sources or a way to make/buy an incubator. I need to plan for it and I think they began mating during the first week after adopting them. Will use the large container and post pics so I can get...
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    Eating habits are opposite? Is this normal?

    I got 3 bags of Vermiculite. Was under the impression that it was similar to soil, but it looks more like a nutrient. I should then simply mix it up with the sand I'm using? Before I even at attempt anything, can someone tell me I have the right stuff? Thanks
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    Gravid Beardie?

    My female is Gravid and nearing her egg laying stage, but I'm complete newbie when it come to this, so anything shared is of great value. It's tough when trying to get them to eat greens and drink water willingly. My boy (+-9 months - Rex) is happy to lick the water off his nose as I drop it...
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    Eating habits are opposite? Is this normal?

    This is the area I created in her cage with Namibian Sand This is a picture from distance with my girl and her laying area I created I was originally planning on using the Blue container on the right, but have opted to use one of my daughters toy boxes with a lid, on the left. Please let...
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