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    Can Buddy be depressed?

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    I'm not sure if Buddy is in Burmination?

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    Is Buddy Sleeping because of shedding or burmination?

    My husband says Buddy is in Burmination but he's eating about 15 worms every other day. Plus he's shedding ! My hubby tells me not to bother him! I miss holding him! :( The people we bought him from told us he's 2 . Does a 2 yr old shed like this? His beard is almost all shedded off in one...
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    Can Beardie get sick ?

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    Lost Bearded Dragon

    Hi! Did you find your bearded dragon :?:
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    Help feeding Buddy worms v Dubai's ?

    I have a question about super worms and my bearded dragon Buddy. He only eats super worms and crickets and salad. I have read alot about super worms eating through the bearded dragons belly after its been eaten is this true? Also is it OK to feed super worms everyday? As we still cannot get him...
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    How do you tell how old your beardie is? I rescued mine.
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    DID I BLIND BUDDY?????!!!!????!!!!!!

    JayceeBuddy we just lost a beardie because of a uvb light of that brand it was a tube light. Please make sure there's not plastic or glass over the uvb light. Our girl died from metabolic bone disease caused from not being able to get her uvb rays. look at her back and tail. She got where she...
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    How often does adult bearded dragons go into burmination?
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    He's a funny one. He usually doesn't chase the crickets down to catch them. He waits on them to come to him and he'll grab them and eat them! I think he's a lazy hunter! Our roaches hide behind the water dish or his salad dish.
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    Flash renamed Buddy!

    Thank you very much! I will check that website out!
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    Meet baby Kai!!

    That is wonderful! She sure is a cute one!
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    . Buddy doesn't seem to like dubia roaches. He's almost 2 yrs old. We have a colony of roaches and would like to feed them to him! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Meet baby Kai!!

    How is Baby Kai?
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