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    Is she a Delilah or X

    Thank you will try today and hope to tell you my results
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    Hi Kerrie.. I’ve looked at a lot of videos and the light inside isn’t always good! I actually go to a reptile store and where they buy and sell everything you need for your beardie and not that many people say to place light inside tank! This beardie is very active like my first but sometimes I...
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    Is she a Delilah or X

    is he a boy or girl?!
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    Is she a Delilah or X

    so I have one of my beardie for exactly one month now and feel like I figured out the sex can someone help me?! The flash night didn’t work ?
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    I don’t do coils on the uvb light which I think is a T8 50- also I have a basking light as well .. he mostly sits on his log or on the stick but he will venture around his tank. He eats great and when I got him he weighed on .75g and he eats duabi roaches as well still going to work on those...
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    hi kerries I have added his cage not sure if you remember me from my other beardies tank I have his digital thermometer and is usually 97-100 in basking area he usually grips no flying only seems to do that in his tank..
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    hey y’all just got another beardie name cypress this is him 3 days in and a well as a bath! When I pick him up he does lift his hand for easy access but does seem to grip on my finger .. is this a good sign as well.. just been trying to help him along with his shed..
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    Foot up

    Yes Karrie I noticed that about my baby Bea! Honestly I think I sweat him and watch him maybe to much! Lol! I freak out and changed my table because of the angles of my hammocks ! I watch everything? maybe to close lol I will continue to post trust lol
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    Foot up

    my baby beardie jumps and all doesn’t have any limps or anything doesn’t do it all the time but enough lol and it’s picture ? to me lmao! I could be wrong lol?
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    Foot up

    hey everyone so bought my beardie over 2 weeks now and he does this thin with its foot like. A stance anyone see this and what what it means ?? looked he or she is showing off or chilling lol haven’t read this sign before lmao
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