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    watercolor's Legacy Uploads

  2. watercolor

    An actual Phira story.

    That would be awesome! I need to read that story when it's finished! :D
  3. watercolor

    The Koa Chronicles

    I just had quite the adventure, for a newbie dragon owner. Koa had pooped earlier today, and his tank was stinky, AND I wanted to replace his substrate with newspaper. So I decided to clean it for the first time, and give Koa a bath. I took him downstairs (He had never been there before and was...
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  5. watercolor

    The Koa Chronicles

    Koa is very perky and energetic. I took him around "exploring" my bedroom, him perched on my chest. He seemed fascinated with everything, which was cute. I've found out the hard way that I should always wear a sweatshirt or jean jacket when holding him! :lol: His nails are very long and I'll...
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  9. watercolor

    The Koa Chronicles

    Wow! It just turns out that the package of superworms I got DID NOT HAVE ANY IN IT! I'm going to go and get a refund, and while I'm at it, I'll get a healthier type of worm. I tried handling Koa again, and I realized an important truth: He doesn't like being held aloft! I tried placing him on my...
  10. watercolor

    The Koa Chronicles

    That's odd, on all the sites I visited it said superworms were a good staple. I'll look into roaches and other worms, definitely, if they'll cause disease, thanks for pointing that out. As for live feed, I'm fine with it as long as it's not crickets... Thanks for the advice for handling, I'll...
  11. watercolor

    The Koa Chronicles

    I've seen some other folks doing this, and I thought it'd be fun to keep a sort of blog of what's going on with my new beardie. His name is Koa, he's a two-year-old male I got on Craigslist from a couple who couldn't take care of him. I only got him on Sunday, but he's already settled in. He's...
  12. watercolor

    Adopted a new friend! meet Mick!

    That's so sweet and wonderful! Welcome to Mick and you!! :)
  13. watercolor

    Gizmo and Spyro

    They sound so cute!! I wish I could see them. :) Koa LOVES his reptile hammock, and I've heard they're quite popular among most beardies. The idea of plastic ornaments sounds fun, I should try that sometime! (Maybe around Christmas! :D)
  14. watercolor

    I just wanted to show off my little cutie

    What a pretty one! <3
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  16. watercolor

    Meet Koa! (and me!)

    Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely look into it. :)
  17. watercolor

    Meet Koa! (and me!)

    I did read about lamps, I guess I just didn't find the right sources, because none of them described the lamps I had... Thank you for the advice, I'll get a CHE bulb right away. :) As for subrate, currently I have a reptile carpet, but I'm going to exchange it for newspaper. I know sand can be...
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  19. watercolor

    Meet Koa! (and me!)

    Hi guys, I'm Elise! For a long time, I've been looking at this site for information, but now that I just got a beardie, I can actually join the community! XD Koa is a two-year-old male I got from a couple that couldn't take care of him anymore. He's just a common color, but I think he's...
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