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    New home - always stressed

    So two days ago was potato’s last dose of meds! Vet said stop them after one week of no crusts (as long as it’s been over 45 days). My goodness the meds must’ve had her feeling gross, this morning Potato ate 23 crickets and a hornworm!!! We haven’t seen him eat that much since we started the...
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    New home - always stressed

    For every other day we’re using these generic animal cleaning wipes that we had for cleaning our hamsters tank. Weekly we soak in very hot water and betadine for about an hour. And wipe the inside with cleaning vinegar let it sit and then wipe with hot water after about 30 mins. I’ve never...
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    New home - always stressed

    Yep - we sani wipe (animal safe) tank and betadine baths every other day and fully soak and disinfect everything once a week
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    New home - always stressed

    We are at the end of a treatment faze and pulling him off his meds in a week since the external “crust” is gone. According to our vet we caught it really early which is nice. Here’s some pics that led to us getting the diagnosis.
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    New home - always stressed

    Well have to look for some silk! I want to do Dubias sooo bad but Canada can’t have live ones and he doesn’t like to eat it if it’s not alive. We tried the packaged dubias once and he literally ran away and went black. Thanks for being so kind, we’ve had a pretty hard run getting the YF...
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    New home - always stressed

    Potato’s been out for about 15 mins now and has been free roaming - he LOVES to free roam. So right now we’re not overly stressed. We do normally see stress marks on his belly when he’s in his viv. We never used to with the old viv though. The stress marks I could see earlier are kinda shown...
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    New home - always stressed

    The UVB is about 11 inches from the tree
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    New home - always stressed

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    New home - always stressed

    The UVB is in a reflective fixture. The hot side temp is with a digital probe, cool side is a digital stick on. The temp gauge on the back is old - we only put it in to see just how off it was for personal interest and do not use it to take temp. We also regularly temp with a handheld temp...
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    New home - always stressed

    So we recently upgraded Potato to a 120 gallon PVC (about a week ago) and they are just ALWAYS a little stressed. Potato also tends to just sit on the top of their tree and not do anything except during feeding time. They poop regularly (so not impacted) and are very active when free roaming...
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