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  1. Nikki.D

    Ambient temperature for an 8 month old

    He is most likely to be glass surfing because he is stressed and desperate, they are bored in their home or the temperature is too hot or cold. Or it could be that something else is very wrong in their world and they are begging you to fix it. Since he is in a 40-gallon tank I suggest getting a...
  2. Nikki.D

    Cake recipes please!

    Looks good
  3. Nikki.D

    Need some advice, thinking of adopting!

    When you look for a bearded dragon it is best to look at a licensed breeder. Lots of books/articles say to pick the biggest baby (same age as other ones) as it will be the healthiest one however this is up to you.
  4. Nikki.D

    Recommended UV meter

    Thanks so much for your recommendation.
  5. Nikki.D

    Recommended UV meter

    So I was looking at UV meters for my bearded dragon I could find some however I just wanted to see which ones you’s are using . Most were expensive and I didn’t want to waste my money on something that doesn’t work properly or need.
  6. Nikki.D


    I think you need to teach your beardie manners 😂
  7. Nikki.D

    Cake recipes please!

    To be honest I have never made a bearded dragon cake for my bearded dragon before but a YouTuber called ker has three videos of bearded dragon cakes you could make for your bearded dragon. You could also invent your own recipe. Maybe something with mashed banana, freeze dried insects, etc.
  8. Nikki.D

    dog snack

    Interesting recipe
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    So cute 🥰
  10. Nikki.D

    April 2023 Photo Competition Winners

    It is so lovely how each bearded dragon looks unique and different from each other
  11. Nikki.D

    Pearl hopes you like her hat!

    So artistic! 😂
  12. Nikki.D

    April 2023 Photo Competition Winners

    Congrats to everyone who entered the competition! Pearl the child you are so creative with photos and everyone to😉
  13. Nikki.D

    🛁 bathtime and introducing the pack

    I know right 🤣
  14. Nikki.D

    Voting Open! April 2023 Photo Competition

    If you are in this competition are you aloud to vote?
  15. Nikki.D

    Little croc caught

    If I think that is big yet salt water crocs can be bigger I would be tiny compared to it 😮
  16. Nikki.D

    Her birthday is almost here!

    Her birthday present arrived! 😅
  17. Nikki.D

    Word association!

  18. Nikki.D

    Word association!

  19. Nikki.D

    Word association!

  20. Nikki.D

    Look at her yellow scales!

    She looks lovely in that colour 😍
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