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    Head Bobbing & Not Eating for a Few Months Now

    I've had a few lizards go through mating season without eating for a month. It's really disconcerying, but generally passes just when you start getting worried. Leopard Geckos in particular do this a couple times a year I feel. It's been a while since my beardy has however, usually he does when...
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    "training" your dragon?

    My Beardy Boy will often come when I call his name in a certain voice. I believe it's mostly food based reinforcement, as he associates me with food. When I walk near his terrarium, he always watches my hands to see if I have food for him. He's really quite intelligent for a small animal, and...
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    Free Range dragon...

    Just my two cents: I'd personally never allow a Bearded Dragon around a larger animal, as animals no matter what can act violently at random times. Cats in particular can be well behaved, but suddenly attack a small moving object. All it takes is one claw to pierce the beardy's skin to cause an...
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    Any experience with Madagascar Rainbow Rock Lizards?

    I drove a 4.5 hour round trip to pick the little guy up and I'm rather excited to see him get used to his new home. He's already burrowing into the quartz sand I filled his tank with, and seems to be reasonably accepting of handling, but I'm going to give him time to get used to his new home...
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    Any experience with Madagascar Rainbow Rock Lizards?

    I recently became obsessed with a beautiful little lizard I found while on a weekend vacation called a Madagascar Rainbow Rock Lizard. I stopped by the Petco (yes, I know, I try to avoid them) in Edwardsville, IL and saw this little guy and instantly fell in love. They have about a dozen...
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