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    too hot?

    Living here in New England and we're in the beginning of a heat wave (4-7 days it looks like.) If I was to turn my BD basking lights (which is also the UVB its a MV bulb) on the room they are in would end up being 115+. If I leave it off it still gets to 85+. My question is if I leave the lights...
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    humidity help

    Well, in the end I had to put top soil,coco husk and moss mix. I didn't want to do that just yet until I moved it to it's permanent enclosure( I still need alittle play sand for that one) but it's been pooping and eating pretty good and paper towels with moss in the hide just wasn't cutting it...
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    humidity help

    I just got a baby Blue Tongue and actually got one that needs higher humidity than I was expecting. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to keep the humidity higher besides spraying 3-4 times a day? I work evenings 1-10est. I'm trying to find the best fogger or mister without spending a...
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    Fire skinks question

    I've had mine for about a year now and I still rarely see her. I was told that a hidden skink is a happy skink. Only time I see her is when she's hungry (2-4 times a week) I have about 3 inches of substrate with plants, hide and water dish.
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    Looking for good vet in Maine

    I was told to try this site: I'm from MA and have found a few in my area, now to contact them.
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    I will be in the same spot as you soon. I was told that yes, you can get BTS at an expo but to be very very careful. Make sure that it is CBB (captive bred and born) not CB ( captive born) because what you save in purchase usually you spend on vet costs. Most CB tend to have parasites from their...
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    I think I messed up

    Sadly, I got it at a pet store (not going to bash the store) and the manager (who has knowledge of most reptiles) wasn't 100% on the full care on them. They only have general care sheets in store.
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    I think I messed up

    Back on Oct.22, I bought these 2 tiny little skinks called orange throat pygmy skinks. There was four in the tank but I only had a 10g. I couldn't find anything on them in particular. So, I contacted my friend at the store and she told me they were labeled with the sci. name of trachylepis...
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    Fire Skink bedding

    We ended up getting the watering can and the jungle bedding. I blocked a few of the holes so it's more like rain and the floor humidity is staying a lot nicer (about 62-68%) I actually had another question. Is there a way to tell if its a male or female with only having one? Not having another...
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    Fire Skink bedding

    I was talking to my son about the cup idea he asked if a watering can with a rain tip on it would be good. something like this:
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    Fire Skink bedding

    I haven't tried anything besides crickets and a few supers. I didn't realize the other worms or the eggs until I had read another post you made with someone else. I am using the 40g breeder I had originally bought for my BD but never used because someone gave me a 50g front opening tank. A...
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    Fire Skink bedding

    I recently got a fire skink and I think "he's" doing good. He's out and about some days but mostly he hides in the bedding. Which is where my problem lies. Because we're getting into the summer months and the humidity inside is not high and with a basking light and uvb drying the bedding a lot...
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