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    maiba's Legacy Uploads

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    Fiona - Rescue 9 months later

    HippieLizards the vet sent me home with liquid calcium to give her orally everyday for a month. She also sent me home with a multivitamin that I had to give her an injection of every 3 days for a little over a month. I started her on Phoenix worms and butter warms to begin with to try and help...
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    Fiona - Rescue 9 months later

    She gets around amazing! The mbd doesn’t seem like it’s had much of an affect on her legs, jaw, or back, she just has an extra squiggly tail now :)
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    Fiona - Rescue 9 months later

    Hello everyone! This is to anyone who helped me in March when I initially rescued Fiona, and to anyone who might be interested in a little rescue story. Long story short I saw this little lady on Craigslist and saw she was being severely neglected. After picking her up we immediately went to...
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    Baby Beardie on Craigslist

    Fiona has she’s her leg and part of her neck, guess she might not be this tiny the rest of her life :) it’s also looking like she’s going into a full body shed! Here’s a nice little picture featuring her potbelly ;)
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    Baby Beardie on Craigslist

    If anyone is still following this forum just wanted to do an update. Fiona is eating like a pig! She’s pooping at least once a day and now gets baths about every 3rd day. In about the last week and a half she’s starting walking with her legs fully supporting her body and can run now! Still...
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    Healthy Weight?

    This is my boy Lip. I’ve had him since December. He overall seems very happy and healthy, I just want your input on his weight. How’s he lookin? I believe he’s about 7 months old. I’m feeding him about 20-30 crickets and greens everyday. I have some dubia roaches coming in for him and my other...
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    Baby Beardie on Craigslist

    I believe I still have like 6 or 7 shots left to give her. I alternate whichever arm I give her shot in each time. Is there any extra measures I can take to ensure she doesn’t develop any abcesses? She did eat 5 or 6 more crickets a couple hours ago. I would also still like to get X-rays just to...
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    Baby Beardie on Craigslist

    She’s doing much better today! She’s eaten about 12 crickets so far. I haven’t seen any signs of her RI since we got her home on Thursday, but the vet could not confirm for sure that she had a respiratory infection when we took her in since we didn’t do X-rays. I plan on taking her in for X-rays...
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    Baby Beardie on Craigslist

    Came home from school today and it seemed like she had a healthy poop! What do you guys think? She won’t eat since I gave her antibiotic shot and I’m a little worried but we’ll try again later.
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    Baby Beardie on Craigslist

    It may just be the different angles that the photos were taken it at but looking at the pictures I posted a couple days ago it does look way less kinked. The calcium may just be finally starting to settle in and maybe it’s flexing around less? Who knows, but I didn’t think she would be making...
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