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  1. Lizard of Light

    Shipping Beardie For First Time

    Technically, I CAN drive down, but that's well over 16+ hours so NO WAY, JOSE. 🤣 And yeah, I tried to pick something that will be big enough without being too big because apparently too much space stresses out reptiles? I think I will go with "hold for pickup" like you suggested for the...
  2. Lizard of Light

    Shipping Beardie For First Time

    I'll be moving down to Florida in mid-June to start medical residency and of course I'll be taking Ardbert with me. Just a real shame we can't bring reptiles into the cabin (the misconceptions about reptiles need to die already) with us so now I'm trying to figure out what the best reptile...
  3. Lizard of Light

    Only One Egg?

    Good to know, thank you!
  4. Lizard of Light

    Only One Egg?

    Still hyper and digging around today. Still not feeling any eggs in the belly. Seriously, has anyone had the experience of a beardie laying just one egg and no other?
  5. Lizard of Light

    Only One Egg?

    Yesterday, I came home and saw Ardie had laid a single egg outside his hide with a bit of poop on it. The only other thread I could find about a beardie laying a single egg involves a clearly gravid one. But not only is his belly still pretty flat, but I don't feel any other eggs. Granted, the...
  6. Lizard of Light

    The Unending Journey: Ardie and Me

    It's Square Enix, actually! XD That said, Dry Bones is great! They have fun animations in Mario Party. And thank you! I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.
  7. Lizard of Light

    The Unending Journey: Ardie and Me

    A little after New Years, Ardbert laid a clutch of 23 eggs (though that apparently jumped to 25?), which confirms that he is indeed female like everyone who sees his tail photo says. Dangit, I was hoping to avoid that, but at least his first clutch making it safely lessens my worry for...
  8. Lizard of Light

    How often do you handle your beardie?

    When I first got Ardie, I was home all day so I took him out several times a day. Alas, once I was back to work, it's just once per day excluding weekends, but I do spend time with him for the rest of the evening.
  9. Poggerna's Legacy Uploads

    Poggerna's Legacy Uploads

  10. Lizard of Light

    What to do when we run out of insects?

    Vitabugs’ Bug Box boxed crickets are very good for insect dry spells and/or giving some variety. And since they’re sealed up in little boxes, you don’t really have to worry about parasites with them (parasites only happen if crickets are exposed to reptile fecal matter, and since unboxed...
  11. Lizard of Light

    The Unending Journey: Ardie and Me

    Been forever since I last posted, but hi, still alive! Just dead tired a lot lately and busy with life. Ardbert’s doing great; in fact, he’s living up to his name a little too well lately with how much he keeps scrambling to run off on an adventure in the house. :lol: Literally running around...
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  13. Lizard of Light

    Juvenile Beardie Making laser sounds????

    My immediate thought is a respiratory infection, but I definitely would like to see a video first. You would need to upload to Youtube or other host first then link it here.
  14. Lizard of Light

    Urate soft on outside, hard on inside

    After about a week of no pooping this time around (normally it's every couple days or so), Ardie finally took a huge dump a bit ago. While checking consistency though, I noticed that this time the urate, while soft and pasty on the outside, feels rock hard in the middle. I know rock hard urate =...
  15. Lizard of Light

    Age Growth Slows

    Thank you for your replies! I wasn't entirely sure if this was normal or not since I see some people with their beardies being way bigger at about the same age. Also, Tracy, here's a photo I just snapped: His length generally comes out as about 16.5-17 in depending on how I'm lining it up...
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  17. Lizard of Light

    Hard area under beard

    Yeah, that's a pretty normal part of their skeletal structure. :P Basically, it's part of the two bones (hyoid bones) that help them expand their beards. This vet's facebook post has a nice X-Ray view:
  18. Lizard of Light

    Age Growth Slows

    Hi all, yes, I'm still alive and I'm back with a question that I've been wondering these past few months. Ardbert finally hit 16 inches in December, but I hardly noticed much change to my dismay until just today when I found he's almost 17 inches (thought still not quite there). However, when I...
  19. Lizard of Light

    Bearded dragon snuggle

    Ardbert absolutely LOVES being snuggled in the evenings, especially in his snuggle sling. He’s always in a good mood the next morning after being cuddle to sleep for hours the night before. I haven’t done it in a while because he was shedding, but I think I’ll give him a nice little rinse...
  20. Lizard of Light

    Pet Smart

    On top of what’s already mentioned, Petsmart and Petco both get their animals from prt mills. Which is also why so many of their reptiles are sick/die easily. I don’t like PETA, but if there’s one thing I will grudgingly concede they are good at, it’s exposing pet mills. If you can stomach...
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