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    Can I wash my beardie’s carpet with detergent?

    Usually I use a natural kind of cleaner to scrub off my bearded dragons substrate (which is a carpet type of substrate) but I ran out and haven’t been able to find more at any of my local stores. Rinsing it hasn’t been good enough and I want to toss it into the washer and use detergent, but...
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    Can I paint my bearded dragon’s basking spot?

    So I’ve been experimenting with different decor/arrangements in Billie’s tank lately because I felt like it was just too plain. I decided to switch out her usual basking log to a shoebox because it reaches the heat lamp much better, but I wanted to paint it with some cute designs or something to...
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    Why is Billie so stressed?

    Ok I will make sure to try that out thanks!
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    Why is Billie so stressed?

    Yes please I would like some help with ideas to hang the hood
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    Why is Billie so stressed?

    It’s a T8
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    Why is Billie so stressed?

    Here’s a picture of the tank
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    Why is Billie so stressed?

    My bearded dragon Billie(female) has been glass surfing a lot lately. A little over a month ago I had taken her to vet to get checked out because she had been very lethargic and the vet told me that her problem was that she wasn’t getting enough heat. So I got a screen lid and put a makeshift...
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    Why is my beardie glass surfing so much??

    Yes there is I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious
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    Why is my beardie glass surfing so much??

    My bearded dragon Billie (female) has been extra active lately in her tank after going through a long period of time being extra lethargic. I went to the vet and they told me she wasn’t doing so well because the tank was too cold, so since then I’ve added extra heat, a uvb light on the side, and...
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    How often does your beardie eat their greens?

    So I used to own a juvenile beardie about 3 years ago but it died suddenly by an unknown disease (either cancer or metabolic bone disease) but before it got severe he happened to go through a period of time where he didn’t eat anything and got dangerously skinny and dehydrated. Anyways about a...
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    Bearded dragon basking spot too hot?

    So I bought this tree branch for my beardie to bask in but it’s made in some sort of plastic material and I’m worried that it might be heating up from the heat lamp, should I be concerned about it potentially burning the beardie?
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