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    When to let a hatchling dragon go to new home?

    I’m not in a rush to rehome them was just wondering if it was just the length to go by or the weight too.
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    When to let a hatchling dragon go to new home?

    Also I don’t buy any of my bugs from pet shop I always order off the internet as best value for money…. Is 5inch too small for there age? They have all doubled in size since hatching but I’m not sure what is normal as this is our first successful clutch born
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    When to let a hatchling dragon go to new home?

    They have salad daily and averaging 300-350 small Dubias per day between the 10 of them. Will occasionally stick the odd calci worm in and some pin head crickets but they eat the Dubias the best.
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    When to let a hatchling dragon go to new home?

    Hello. So I have some hatchlings that are 7 weeks and eating/pooping and shedding as expected. They are all approx 5inch now and weigh around 10g each. (All hatched around 3g) From everything I’ve read, they should be around 6inch and approx 8 weeks before leaving… but should they be a...
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    This is my het trans hypo zero.
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    Boy or girl?

    I’d deffo think that was a boy
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    Eggs incubating for 88 days now

    How did they get on?
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    What do I breed witblits with

    As far as I’m aware (as I look into this all the time myself) It depends if it carries het zero as to being able to make a zero baby. I’ve read lots of times that you should never breed 2 visual trans (although this may be old advice, keep it in mind and look into it before you decide what...
  9. Learning's Legacy Uploads

    Learning's Legacy Uploads

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    Curious about genetics, any help appreciated please

    I’ve been looking for a visual zero for a while, but tend to stick to reptile shops so I know I’m getting what I’m looking for as I’m still learning and don’t want to make a mistake. However I’ve seen one on a local selling site, they said it’s a visual zero. So I asked about the pairing and...
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    Is this an emergency vet trip?

    This was a picture taken of the parents together(the day I got them- they aren’t in the same viv since I got them!) The bigger one obviously being the dad.
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    Is this an emergency vet trip?

    The lights we have at the moment are a t5 12% uvb in its reflector. And the heat bulb- controlled by dimming thermostat. Are they not sufficient? I’ll just try and get a pic of the parents now... give me a few mins, thank you for replying.
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    Is this an emergency vet trip?

    Hello, sorry I was in a rush when I posted this morning. To explain better... mum is a rankins(I’ve had her seen by reptile specialist nearby), but was housed with a beardie meaning this baby is a vittikins. Mum was bred way Too soon- she’s only about 9months old now(the people I took her...
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    Is this an emergency vet trip?

    Backstory; I bought 2 dragons that I believed were beardies. However the one they told me was a boy was actually a rankins and laid eggs the night I got her home. Fast forward a single egg hatched and is now 3 weeks. Hatchling is eating, pooping and shedding but Visually you can see is not...
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    Please help ASAP

    It was a child’s none toxic washable felt tip that I used. I will deffo not mark any possible future eggs tho.
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    Please help ASAP

    Hello everyone, so a week from the eggs being laid... I THINK I see some pink spots in some of the eggs but I’m totally unsure. None of the eggs have collapsed or dented yet but 2 In one box look like they’re going mouldy. And a couple are slightly brown. Should I remove the 2 with the white...
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