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  1. BPSabelhaus

    Hornworm with bonus nictitating membrane

    My wife asks how I manage to get pics with Alex’ tongue out. A lot of pics and drops of water lol
  2. BPSabelhaus

    Showing off some sexy leg in her garden.

    Her year round greens garden is filling in nice. Dandelions and mint stay the year here and the raspberries are thrice bearing and produce May - Dec but have fresh greens almost year round.
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  9. BPSabelhaus

    Berry season is back!

    She’s my little princess. Would not take a treat from the wife. Turned up her nose and looked at me lol Thimbleberry and black raspberry seasons are coming up soon which will make for better pics. She’s been enjoying a new hide I made her in the mean time.
  10. BPSabelhaus

    Berry season is back!

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  13. BPSabelhaus

    Spa day!

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  17. BPSabelhaus

    How do I tell my beardie he's adopted?

    At 10-11 he knows you’re not the Easter bunny lol
  18. BPSabelhaus

    The inappropriate pooper strikes again lol

    And again lol This time while watching tv on our bed lol
  19. BPSabelhaus

    The inappropriate pooper strikes again lol

    Back in her enclosure after she pooped on her momma on her mommas birthday and Mothers Day weekend lol Hanging out in the blooming lilac bush now. Smells so nice. She also apparently has an Instagram now after our son became infatuated with influencer animals from a show on Disney plus...
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