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    Aaradimian's Legacy Uploads

  2. Aaradimian

    Untamed Adult Beardie with Long Nails

    Please post a picture of his nails. There's only a small bit at the end that can be trimmed without injuring them and it'd be good for folks to check out what you mean before recommending whether or not to try to trim them. For my part, I have a chunk of lava rock that mine can use to scratch...
  3. Aaradimian

    Ceramic tile - Need Help!

    I use 12"x12" tiles in mine, laid on the bottom for the reasons Brandon mentioned. To make things easier on their joints and easier for me to clean, I put 2 layers of a cheap outdoor carpet down on top of it. The bottom layer stays but I throw out the top from time to time as a precaution...
  4. Aaradimian

    Smelly dragon

    I wonder if a bath + a gentle scrub with a toothbrush might do the trick? It usually helps mine when they get to smelling a little... dragon-y :)
  5. Aaradimian

    Playing dungeons and dragons with a dragon.

    Man, I haven't DM'd a game since Gary Gygax was still with his wife and it was TSR :lol: , though I still have all my old (and very battered) guides and a couple of modules that are in pristine condition. I miss that & having matured into a fantasy writer in the meantime, I might not torture my...
  6. Aaradimian

    Battle the anxiety

    You have my sympathy, if not direct empathy (I know from my own particular brand of hell that the experience is wholly subjective). I do like the idea of a camera so you have direct evidence that whatever it is you're worrying about is probably not happening. I do know enough about GAD from...
  7. Aaradimian

    Battle the anxiety

    Overwhelming, overbearing, overburdening, subjugating, dominating?
  8. Aaradimian

    Smart Beardie

    All good stuff! They are pretty smart and can learn off one another, which is a higher level skill than simple mimicry. My one dragon knows that the way to get me to let him run around is to rush to the front of the cage when I open the double doors. However, he only ever goes to the side I'm on...
  9. Aaradimian

    Does anyone know what is happening to my beardie?

    I'm not in a position to comment on the x-rays, but I do notice a potentially big issue if your setup doesn't have a basking bulb. By a basking bulb, I mean a white light, non-LED bulb like a flood-lamp that can provide a temperature of around 105*F to your beardie. They sell these at pet...
  10. Aaradimian

    Does anyone know what is happening to my beardie?

    Hi! Has she ever brumated? At age 2, it's certainly something to consider, though that UV issue would be my first guess as to what's going on. How is your viv. set up for heat, because that's another big factor in beardie wellness and their ability to properly metabolize food? If you can provide...
  11. Aaradimian

    Feeling discouraged - baby beardie

    Remember, we're giant, scary, probably-predator things to them, and if the chain store people didn't handle them much, there's going to be that + the relocation stress to deal with. I don't have anything to add to others' suggestions, but just be kind & patient, and you'll soon have a little...
  12. Aaradimian

    help, 6 year old beardie with GI symptoms and neurological

    I'm very sorry to hear about RepTar :( Tracie is one of our resident experts (and a vet), so I'm going to say right off that bat that I only have "Google knowledge" to offer. I have been trying to read up on beardies to better care for mine, and the symptoms sound a lot like the ones in this...
  13. Aaradimian

    Prices of baby dragons

    Dragons are expensive pets to "do right", and even though my wife and I both have good jobs, we've been loathe to go the breeder route because of the added expense. Craigslist is full of wonderful dragons needing a home and you can save a ton of money. The little guy whose pic is my avatar is a...
  14. Aaradimian

    Bronx Zoo Beardies and a New Word

    I plead this as well! What kind of writing?
  15. Aaradimian

    Dragon Running Into Wall?

    I believe they have poor depth perception as a result of having eyes on the sides of their head (monocular vision).
  16. Aaradimian

    We WON’T eat our veggies!

    Not a suggestion for the squeamish, but you could also try smashing up their favorite bug(s) and coating the greens with that. My little buggers will dig through a mile of kale to get a single hornworm, but this can be used to one's advantage...
  17. Aaradimian

    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    I'd agree to get rid of the coil, but would make sure there's at least some place the dragon can go to get out of the UV like a hide or a section not covered by the tube. A Reptisun 10.0 T5 with reflector or one of the Arcadia "Desert" tubes (10%+) is what I have seen recommended by senior...
  18. Aaradimian

    What's wrong with Superworms?

  19. Aaradimian

    What's wrong with Superworms?

    The reason I've heard it that their exoskeletons are hard to digest, especially for babies. I can't vouch for the truth of that statement, however. I feed them to mine from time to time as part of a feeder rotation and have never noticed any issues.
  20. Aaradimian

    Help I broke the basking light! Dang!

    One of the best investments I made for my two was a dimmer cord. You can get a floodlight and then dial in the temperature very accurately without having to mess with distances (beyond making sure that the bulb is close enough to achieve the correct temp at something less than full power on the...
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