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  1. CooperDragon

    4x2x.5x4 setup

    Looking great! Once everything is ready to go, I'd observe how she uses the space over the following weeks and make small tweaks to accommodate her preferences. That center piece is really cool!
  2. CooperDragon

    Clyde has a terminal illness

    The GNT actually caught us by surprise. Cooper had been fighting gout for a while (nearly a year as I recall). There was testing done for that and he started on Allopurinol. Aside from the swollen joints on his fingers he didn't seem to display any symptoms. I didn't yet know enough to keep...
  3. CooperDragon

    Clyde has a terminal illness

    Unfortunately these seem somewhat common. Know that this is a genetic problem rather than something you did wrong. My first dragon, Cooper, had the same issue at right around the same age. Is clyde showing any symptoms like gout? Did the vet discuss any possible treatment? Perhaps the options...
  4. CooperDragon

    4x2x.5x4 setup

    That looks good. You might want to use a lower wattage basking bulb to bring the temps down because you don't want to wind up dimming a whole lot and the temps will probably climb throghout the day. The bulbs look like they're up out of reach and if you're getting 4.5-5 UVI over the basking...
  5. CooperDragon

    Best light

    A T8 has a lower output than a T5 so the mounting distances above the basking site will change. It's usually around 6-8'' for a T8 (better suited to small enclosures) and 12-14'' or so for a T5, depending on the bulb you're using. If you have a mesh top, you could try running some picture...
  6. CooperDragon

    Moldy silkworms.?

    Yeah the food can be ordered as a powder, mixed with boiling water, and then set into a gel. Aside from that they eat mulberry leaves but if they grew up on the chow they may not take to the leaves.
  7. CooperDragon

    Moldy silkworms.?

    I've found that their food/poop can get moldy pretty quickly. They also tend to be fairly fragile, unfortunately. Ventilation and frequent food change can help with this. What I do is remove them from the container they're shipped in, then put them in a shoebox sized plastic tote with holes...
  8. CooperDragon

    Is Fir wood safe for bearded dragons?

    Yep, it goes on clear and is like a plastic coating when it dries. A good option if you want to retain the natural wood look. Otherwise if you want to change the color, go with a latex paint.
  9. CooperDragon

    Is Fir wood safe for bearded dragons?

    Not in particular. I think minwax makes polyurethane and any kind of non toxic (most modern?) latex paints you'd find at a hardware store should work.
  10. CooperDragon

    Lost our colony

    Thats odd to lose so many like that, as you mentioned. It's possibly environmental but such a large dieoff makes me lean toward something foodborne. I would probably move the remaining roaches and isolate them in a new bin just to err on the side of caution. Try tweaking the diet a bit and see...
  11. CooperDragon

    enclosure getting too hot

    It can be tough to deal with seasonal fluctuations in room temps. It usually winds up being a combination of adjusting bulb wattage and airflow. if you need to turn the bulf off for a little while during the day, that's OK, but I'd look into using a lower wattage during the summer if you wind up...
  12. CooperDragon

    Is Fir wood safe for bearded dragons?

    Yeah I'd say as long as it isn't releasing sap, then a few coats of polyurethane should do the trick. Some latex paint would probably work too if you want a different color. Something that is already finished, like a rabbit hutch, is likely to be a good option as long as you can seal it up.
  13. CooperDragon

    Pinworm levels high, no treatment recommended.

    As long as they are otherwise healthy, it seems that pinworms can be managed by their immune systems pretty effectively. Treatment is generally pretty minor and effective when needed, but I think your vet is probably right in that it isn't likely to need treatment. I'd just have testing done as...
  14. CooperDragon

    My beardie has a parasitic fungi in his eye, Microsporidia

    That's good to hear he has perked up. Hopefully that continues. As for sanitizing surfaces, the F10 should do a great job for the current decor. You can also use heat such as boiling or baking (on low) for the driftwood if you'd like, though the F10 should take care of surface sanitization...
  15. CooperDragon

    My beardie has a parasitic fungi in his eye, Microsporidia

    It sounds like you've found your new vet, fortunately. I don't have much to add regarding the microsporidia, but I hope the treatment is quick and effective. One thing to note is that Albon can be pretty rough on their systems. Make sure to offer some extra hydration and keep an eye out for lack...
  16. CooperDragon

    Swollen finger

    Due to the light coloring on the finger, it's possibly just going through a shed. Shedding can cause their fingers/hands/arms to swell up temporarily until the old skin breaks free, then returns to normal. Something to keep an eye on, especially if you see other patches that are shedding.
  17. CooperDragon

    Mouth rot? Opinions please!

    Based on the pictures I can see a bit of buildup along his gums, but I'd say his teeth look really good for a dragon his age. His soft food diet may be contributing to the buildup, so if he's eating bugs without issue, I'd offer some crunchy shelled bugs. Dubia, morio/superworms, and even some...
  18. CooperDragon

    Traveling with Juvenile Beardie

    I think she'll be OK on a short trip like that. I've found that they do just fine at normal car temps, so no changes are really needed there. I only bother with a heat pack if it's mid winter and we need to leave the car for an extended period (meal etc). I prefer using my pet carrier which...
  19. CooperDragon

    Little croc caught

    The water buffalo are pretty massive. Impressive as a meal...
  20. CooperDragon

    Walking stress

    The temporarily dark areas could be mood related. Sometimes stress but sometimes hormones. It sounds like she enjoys running around so my guess is that she is OK and this may be a seasonal mood rather than a problem. I'd give her plenty of time to run around and possibly set up a portable...
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