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  1. SPandS

    Maggot looking worms in my mealworm tub

    Not positive but they look like fruit fly larvae
  2. SPandS

    Rescuing Simon

    Sorry if I may have missed it but has anyone mentioned the possibility of her having eggs? When my girl has to lay she poos a lot and usually it's small urates with liquid just like a lot of your pics. Even the x-ray looks like she has eggs but I will admit I'm definitely no expert in reading...
  3. SPandS

    Beardie shaking his head left and right with mouth open and has black tail

    Yes I know, that's why I already suggested that the owner get one. We are just trying to figure out if it's a t5 or a t8.
  4. SPandS

    Beardie shaking his head left and right with mouth open and has black tail

    I've owned several t8 fixtures from under cabinet lighting to reptile fixtures. They all have the same dual pins as a t5, they are just wider.
  5. SPandS

    Beardie shaking his head left and right with mouth open and has black tail

    Can you show a pic of the writing on the uvb bulb please? It does look like a t8, all the ones I've seen look just like a t5 but bigger. It also looks like it's the old fashion under cabinet lighting that uses starters and I believe they are t8s. It can be fine using a t8 but it would really...
  6. SPandS

    Strange lump on beardie

    Does it feel like it's attached to the skin or something internal? My first thought was a broken rib but it's just a guess.
  7. SPandS

    Ponazuril and lethargy, coincidence?

    Do you have a repti zoo or a reptisun uvb? Reptisun is a good brand but I believe the reptizoo isn't unless there has been new evidence to suggest otherwise. Just throwing that out there in case he isn't getting enough uvb.
  8. SPandS

    Is my dragon saying goodbye?

    Light cones? A dome? You have your uvb in a dome fixture? Can you show a pic of your uvb bulb please? You say you bought a t10 because you couldn't find a t12 but they only come in a t8 (fatter bulb) or a t5 (skinnier bulb) if you have the linear bulb that you really need. The strength can be...
  9. SPandS

    Femoral Pores Coming Out

    Personally I wouldn't do anything to them. They don't look enflamed or anything and if they are coming out in their own there's no reason to take matters into your own hands. You could add something rough to his enclosure if you don't have something in there to let him work them out himself.
  10. SPandS

    X ray of my beardie

    What did the vet say the pain meds were for if they didn't mention a break anyplace? Finding another vet is second to upgrading his tank and lights. Without the proper uvb bulb he will not be able to heal and will only get worse. Also he needs a larger enclosure with proper temps so he can...
  11. SPandS

    Beardie was constipated but need help

    I notice you have her on wood chips, they are a huge impaction risk and I would highly suggest removing it. If you are able to you should have the probe lay directly on the basking spot. It doesn't have to be there 24/7 but at least 10 minutes or so to get the proper reading.
  12. SPandS

    Is my baby sick?

    It looks like she vomited up her water. It may have been because she drank too much and could be a one time thing but I would keep an eye on how much she drinks. How's her beard color? Her not eating could be because she didn't have a warm enough basking spot. Get your lights and temperatures...
  13. SPandS

    My girl laid 3 eggs... ON ME? Is this normal?

    I think it can be normal for them to have a couple eggs still left when they "finish" laying. Only 1 time did mine lay more after she was done and covered them up but she did it over night and I saw it in the morning. So while I don't think laying them on a person is normal, laying a few more...
  14. SPandS

    Need a new home for Hilda - Indiana

    I wouldn't post on either of those places, especially for free if you want her to go to a good home. People look on those places for ways to make money and they will just take her to sell to the highest bidder. I do hope you're able to find someone who will give her a good life though.
  15. SPandS

    Beardie will only eat Greens

    It's possible she's just cranky from shedding. They can also be picky and want what they want and at the moment it's greens. Have you noticed her digging? Sometimes females will stop eating before they are ready to lay, usually they stop all together at least in my experience but it could also...
  16. SPandS

    Why is my bearded dragon doing this?

    Do you feed anything orange? Is it her poo or the urate that's orange? Her beard looks fine so she doesn't seem to be in any distress but I would get her a lay box as soon as you can.
  17. SPandS

    Why is my bearded dragon doing this?

    How has her beard been? Any blackness? The orange actually has me worried it could be from a burst egg. How long has she been digging like that? I use a mix of play sand and plain top soil (no additives). Make it damp enough to hold it's shape but not too wet. There are lots of videos on...
  18. SPandS

    Why is my bearded dragon doing this?

    What size is her tank? How old is she? Digging could definitely be a sign of wanting to lay eggs so to be safe I would set her up a lay box.
  19. SPandS

    Hurt bearded dragon ?

    I am sorry for your loss. How long ago was he at the vet? I would call the vet and let them know what happened, it won't bring him back but maybe it will stop the vet from doing the same thing to another beardie.
  20. SPandS

    Hurt bearded dragon ?

    Did you remove the femoral pore or did a vet? First you said you took him to a vet to remove them then you said you removed it. Either way, as Tracie said, I wouldn't worry about them except that one that is now irritated. It has clearly hurt him and now it's an open wound that is letting...
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