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Apogee Reptariums
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Product by: Apogee
Average Rating: 3.1429 beardies

Reptarium Naturalistic Habitats are designed to house reptiles of all kinds. The screened design allows air to circulate efficiently to help minimize odors and to more naturally replicate ideal temperatures. Can be customized to create a unique environment. Sturdy, lightweight PVC frame with nylon mesh covering sets up quickly and is easy to clean. The zippered opening can be placed wherever it allows you the most convenient access. Units can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on your needs. We suggest the addition of the optional Softray(r) liner to complete the setup for a waterproof-spill proof home for your reptilian friends.

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Posted by: carlisv on 2012-05-27
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: I use this to take my beardies outside with me to let them get some sun. It's lightweight and easy to carry outside, and plenty of real sunlight gets through the mesh. The only reason it doesn't get four stars is because the mesh is so incredibly tight on the frame it's difficult to zip completely closed. I'm always afraid I'll rip the zipper and it will be useless.

Posted by: 8ELEMENT8 on 2009-02-18
Comments: I've housed a chameleon and currently housing an iguana. Although my 260 gallon is ample space for my iguana I feel that these enclosures are inadequate. It is near impossible to increase temperature and humidity higher then that of the room. My iguana gets his nails caught in the mesh leading to small tears and freys. Like runs in a womens nylon.

Posted by: icreated3 on 2007-08-04
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: My bearded dragon loves his reptarium also. He likes to climb all of the walls. I have not had any problems with crickets chewing thru the mesh. It can be difficult at times to maintain the temps, but with a little effort I've been able to keep his temps around 100-105 degrees. It is also great for traveling, it is not bulky when taken apart.

Posted by: anoleswisdom on 2007-07-28
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: It's good for iguanas, chameleons and other arboreal creatures that don't need a whole lot of heat, but for a bearded dragon it's just not right. you could never get the temps up high enough, and they could climb up and get burned on the lights - I just don't think t's worth 50 bucks.

Posted by: OatsNVigo on 2007-06-17
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Mine love theirs. we have it in a corner of the room so it's surrounded on 2 sides by walls, which helps with heat retention. They love to climb up the sides and they don't bump or rub their noses against the walls like they did in the glass one. It's easy to clean and move around.

Posted by: Mr_plow on 2007-01-11
Rating: 2 beardies
Comments: It may be a good home for temperate and tropical lizards like chameleons and mountain horned dragons but a horrible cage for beardies and uros. crix can chew through the sides and it's hard to keep a high temperature.

Posted by: patrikdill on 2006-11-13
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: My bearded loves our 100 gallon reptarium. It is a lot cheaper and he loves climbing all around the sides and top of the cage. The environment is very large and I don't feel like he is so enclosed compared to a glass cage.

Posted by: Geckos n dragons on 2006-10-29
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: There cheaper than glass, but not as good. They have good ventilation but don't hold in heat. Also, Beardies can rub there noses raw (I should know). This is good for chameleons and reptiles like that, but no for desert reptiles.