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PowerSun UV
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Product by: Zoo Med
Average Rating: 2.5556 beardies

The PowerSun UVâ„¢ is a high intensity source of UVB, UVA, heat and visible light. Because the PowerSun UV is a self-ballasted bulb it can be used in any ceramic socket that is rated to handle the wattage. The PowerSun UV has nickel-plated threads to ensure that it will not coro ode in humid reptile habitats. These lamps project useable UVB radiation greater distances (up to 6 feet) than conventional fluorescent tubes. This makes them ideal for large enclosures and reptiles with high UV demands. The PowerSun UV has all of the benefits of the award winning ReptiSun bulbs with the added benefit of increased intensity, heat and a one year guarantee.

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Posted by: Aiyame on 2010-06-17
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This bulb is practically a necessity for all adult bearded dragons as the UVB emits farther than the typical fluorescent bulbs. The extra 6 feet helps greatly in providing UV in cages which are suitable for an adult bearded dragon's size. THIS IS A POWERFUL BULB AND SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION. This bulb is NOT designed for small cages (terrariums less than 50 gallons). As the instructions say, your reptile must be able to get within 12 inches of the bulb, but must also have a separate section of the cage in which they may cool off. Bearded dragons need shade and cannnot be expected to sit a mere one foot from such a powerful bulb the entire day. If used properly, this bulb will not bake or harm your reptile in any way. Just remember to pay careful attention to the temperature of the basking spot to make sure it does not exceed 110 degrees fahrenheit. However, depending on the overall temperature of your house/reptile enclosure you may move the bulb closer or farther than the recommended 12 inches. This bulb has greatly improved the color and appetite of my reptile and I would not buy any other bulb.

Posted by: tekkamangeo on 2009-06-04
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: I'm probably not the first to have problems with these bulbs but I'm certain the first on to comment about it in 2009! I managed to get the newer bulbs(the ones with a red bearded dragon in front of it) which I had no idea about the radiation issue. I followed instructions to a "T" and ended up bbqing my adult female and my baby female (both in separate tanks with their own PowerSun 100w. They suffered. When I complained about it to Zoo Med, they told me I placed it too close, yet in their insert, it said otherwise. What upsets me the most was that one representative gave me different info from that of the insert. How can you have one person saying something different than the instructions and then claim no responsibility for the injury of your pets? DO NOT GET THIS BULB. SALE OR NOT, NOT WORTH IT! Customer service is ridiculous, the insert(instructions) were incorrect, and your animal can and probably will get hurt. Get a MegaRay or a T-rex... both designed by the same person!

Posted by: MikeN on 2008-11-23
Rating: 2 beardies
Comments: Before you use this bulb, be aware that it needs to be burned for two days before you put your animal under it. This is the mistake I made and it cost me a vet visit and daily eye drops in my dragon's eyes for six days, and it WAS at a "safe distance" from him! I can't comment on its effectiveness, as after less than two days of use I returned the bulb to Petco and ordered the Megaray from as so many people here have suggested.

Posted by: fresnowitte on 2008-05-19
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Myself I have used this bulb for 5 yrs now. On occasion I've had to use a different bulb. I always go back to PowerSun UA. It mimicks the natural sun light very well. My beardies show more color, appetite, and activity when under this MVB. My beardies can thrive to there fullest potential. I highly recommend this mercury vapor bulb. In the first year of useing this bulb I did have a couple go out prematurely. Due to my not knowing that you must position the MVB so that they are level, never at an angle. Sense I corrected my improper mounting I've not had another problem with them. I gladly pay a few dollars more for PowerSunUA. I didn't have any problems getting the bulbs that did go out prematurely replaced under warranty. I don't worry about MBD with the use of PowerSun being that it radiates UVB up to 6 feet. I can feel confident that my pets are getting the proper amount of UVB to keep them healthy.

Posted by: Gemma on 2006-03-24
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: When I first bought this product, it was the best commercial MVB on the market and had the highest UV output. I certainly noticed an improvement in my dragon's colour since using this, and being a college student it's a great way to save space, as I only need the one bulb for heat and UV. However, this is a delicate bulb, and all the ones I have owned died quite long before their 12 month warrenty. In each case Zoo Med replaced it as promised, but on one occasion they sent me a USED replacement that died within 2 weeks. After exchanging that I'm left with the bulb I have now. Once this one dies, I won't be asking for a replacement, but will in fact be switching to a better quality UV now that more are on the market, such as the Maga-Ray series or the new T-Rex MVB.

Posted by: dragonmaster2323 on 2006-02-13
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: this light sucks its self balasted and will turn itself off when its surface temp gets too hot. and yhe dragons wont get a good day nite cycle.

Posted by: Denisebme on 2005-12-31
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: We have replaced all of our fluorescent Reptisun 10.0 with PowerSun 100 watt bulbs and the results were simply amazing! We watched the colors in our Bearded Dragons go from dull to dazzling as well as improved appetites and activity in just a couple days. All I can say is we will never go back to fluorescent types after seeing the difference Mercury Vapor makes. This bulb does have a built-in thermo safety switch which keeps it from re-lighting for 10-15 minutes if turned off until it has completely cooled down, this also keeps it from overheating if used in a fixture with poor ventilation. The PowerSun must also be mounted so it points straight down or it will burn out prematurely so read directions carefully when you get your first bulb.

Posted by: crazychameleon23 on 2005-11-13
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: This product has provided great heating and and great source of UVB for my beardies, however it does have the tendency to burn out in a short time (it lasts a month tops). Zoo Med will replace the bulb if you pay for the shipping and handling, but only once for each blown out bulb. They run about $45 a bulb. Which, giving the frequent rate of burnouts, adds up to a lot. I suggest using a longer lasting set up such as day bulbs and fluorescent strip lights.

Posted by: melinda on 2005-10-26
Rating: 0 beardies