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Reptile Comfort Leash
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Product by: T-Rex
Average Rating: 4.4615 beardies

This is a harness that has been specifically designed for lizards. It is a comfortable alternative to the other leashes on the market that you have to modify in order to fit your pet. The leash is made of soft leather, so it doesn't chafe their necks or legs, and it is completely adjustable so you get a perfect fit! It comes with a 36 inch lead, which has a clip on the end of it so that you can fasten it to your belt loop, or to something outside so that your pet can move about without getting away from you. The Reptile Comfort Leash comes in a number of sizes for different lizards or different ages of bearded dragons.

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Posted by: PintoBeanDragon1000 on 2013-10-06
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: This was an okay product in my opinion. I bought it for my beardie who had liver failure and I no longer have. It was not the right size for him or something. The next size up would have been huge on him so I got the one that fit the best. He constantly wiggled out of it, which was very annoying because he was not the tamest near the end he got very grumpy and he would not just sit once he got out he would run. So he was not kept secure enough which took it down a couple notched in my book. I invented one of my own and it fit allot better. Now with 2 beardies I am going to have to get 2 new leashes and harnesses that will keep them safe.

Posted by: nalani84 on 2013-07-15
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This is wonderful. My dragon sits very still and I can easily put her front legs through the holes of the soft leather material. The adjustment ball is great. She's able to comfortably walk around and I don't have to worry about her getting stuck or hiding somewhere I can't find her. I bought a size small for her (she's almost 6 months, 170g, 14in) so I'm sure I'll have to order a large pretty soon. :)

Posted by: alieraisu on 2009-04-06
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: As long as you have the right size, this leash works GREAT! Only drawback is that the lead frays after a while.

Posted by: Trickseedog on 2009-03-11
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Breyas did a little bit of a bucking bronco act at first, but he loes being able to run around and explore more than ever!

Posted by: Rocky Rocky Racoon on 2007-08-12
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: my pet hates it but she is starting to like it

Posted by: brittany on 2007-08-09
Rating: 1 beardies
Comments: My beardie hates it and even synching it up all the way can slip out of it. Not too impressed.

Posted by: icreated3 on 2007-08-04
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This harness is wonderful. Very easy to put on and take off. Seems very soft and comfortable. My dragon doesn't seem to mind being in his at all, even the first time he wore it. I think this is the best one available.

Posted by: benni on 2007-03-04
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Excellent product. Extremely soft. EASY to put on and IMPOSSIBLE for a beardie to get out of! Fit her from a juvie to an adult.

Posted by: SpikedVixen on 2006-08-21
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: We (Sheila and I) both love this leash! The first time she wore it she pretty much just sat there looking at me like, mom, what the heck? but now everytime I even pick it up and she sees it she goes crazy because she knows shes getting out. It fits her very well, is very soft, and is easy to adjust, I especially like that it can adjusted as she is running around, since dragons tend to flatten and then slim up, i have found that useful. she has never managed to get out of it, and it even holds up to getting wet, so your lizard can have fun in the rain!

Posted by: Rupert325 on 2006-05-15
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: My Beardie loves running around my house so i usually put this harness on him and he can move around very well and he doesn't wiggle out of it like other's i have used. i also hook it to my belt so if he is on my shoulder an I am walking around and he falls he won't hit the ground! Also its great to take him outside with because i know he won't get out of it when he is running about! Great Product!

Posted by: Terrifiedone on 2006-02-04
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Absolutely awesome product, would never use another leash. My dragon, after a bit of an adjustment period, loves this thing. Very easy to use and very difficult to escape from.

Posted by: taransteve on 2006-02-01
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This is the "best" leash ever! It's so easy to use and grows with your beardie. It has a soft harness and adjustable strap, I started using this when he was a baby. It's great!

Posted by: Denise Bushnell on 2005-09-27
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This harness is extremely easy to put on and take off, even if they fuss a bit. I especially like the way that it can be adjusted for a perfect fit, so it doesn't slide around, or they don't walk out of it. Its the best harness that I've tried thus far, as far as quality and ease of use!