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Canned Silkworms
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Product by: Exo Terra
Average Rating: 2.625 beardies

The Exo Terra canned foods (silkworms) are a convenient way to feed insects. These insects have been cooked in the can to maintain nutritional value, flavour and aroma. It also softens the exoskeleton of the insects for easier digestion and breaks the bonds between the collagen protein to make it absorbable by reptiles. Collagen is an important fibre that aids in building bone, cartilage, skin and claw structures. The canned insects have the same nutritional value as live insects but are easier to digest.

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Posted by: Abraxismommy on 2008-02-09
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: My Dragon Eats these everyday. He loves them. They are more convenient than caring for live bugs. Plus living in Canada it's easier to feed these canned bugs cause it's hard to get live ones in the cold winter. I think they are great!!

Posted by: anoleswisdom on 2007-07-25
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: Something like this gave my beardie a stomach ill - just stick to live feeders.

Posted by: MomOf5Beardies on 2006-08-24
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: I wouldnt use any canned worms like this. I know of several people who have lost their dragons because the worms made them very sick. I can't rate this particular product, but I cringe when I see it on the market for beardies. I use all live. My beardies won't even try to eat anything that doesn't move except for greens anyway. If you use this I would be careful.

Posted by: Ozzy's Mom on 2006-08-01
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: BEWARE!!! Most beardies love these treats. However, if stored in a hot warehouse or if any bacteria has gotten in during the canning process, this food can KILL your dragon. My vet says he says many sick beardies every week from bad or spoiled canned food. It almost killed my beardie. It made him so sick that I had to make an Emergency trip to the vet. By the time we got there, my beardie was almost dead.....finally after a lot of $$$$ in vet bills and 2 weeks of medications, my dragon recovered. IS IT WORTH THE RISK TO YOU??

Posted by: ghr15 on 2006-06-15
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: My beardie loves them but man do the ysmell. They smell like dirty feet. But the smell seemed to attract my dragons. A good product if you can stand the smell that is.

Posted by: Letum Eminus on 2006-02-17
Rating: 2 beardies
Comments: My Beardie love em, but they REALLY smell bad, as i've found all of the canned food from exo-terra does. I prefer to get canned grasshoppers from flukers, there's no smell, and they last longer before going bad.

Posted by: shadi11 on 2006-02-13
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: My bearded dragon wont touch these.. i even tried it in the vibrating dish he just looked at it and walked away.. i put them in his salad and he wouldnt touch that. i dont know what they do with them, but he cant get enough live silks this ones though dont work

Posted by: taransteve on 2006-02-01
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: Zues "loves" them and they are good to have around in a pinch. They have a "gross" smell and left Zues with bad beardie breath, other than the smell they're great!

Posted by: Rhona88 on 2005-11-28
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: While these do have an "off" smell Ripper loves them. He will eat as many as I let him. Uluru however isn't as fond of them and I don't know if it is his age or just preference. Definatly comes in handy when you run out of regular feeders.

Posted by: P.Diddy on 2005-11-26
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: Pretty good product. Does have a rather rancid smell but beardie's like em. Easy for people who don't have ready access to live silkie's. I use em with my baby beardie just cut them up good and that was on of the first thing's he really liked. Can is never as good live so I give em a 4.

Posted by: mike's_dad on 2005-09-01
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This has been Mike's staple feeder for the last three months. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM! I was giving him live crix once a week for variety in addtion to these, but the last three times I've tried to give him live crix, he won't touch them. Within 15 minutes of putting half a dozen of these in his salad, he's wolfed them all down and will some times throw salad all over his viv as if digging through the bowl for more! They also eliminate the need to care for live feeders and having to order them etc. I highly reccomend these to anyone looking to switch their BD to canned food or to anyone who just wants to add variety to the BD diet.

Posted by: LeOtHEDrAgOn on 2005-08-29
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: I bought these for my beardie since my parents won't let me buy live silkies (their afraid that they'll all come dead) so these are an inexpensive and easy way to get the best insect food available to your beardie. Leo loves them!!!

Posted by: arf-man on 2005-08-24
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: My beardie loves these and I've had no problems. I feed here a few here and there as a treat. I've read that they do have a lot of nutrition, and more calcium than most insects, but they are high in fat. What I've read is that these should be a treat, not a staple.

Posted by: Thebeardedwoman on 2005-07-27
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: I tried these on my beardy and she got soooo sick. I do NOT recommend these. What chemicals are in this little evil can? The exparation date wasn't until Nov. 2007......I told Petco and they pulled the rest of the cans off the shelf. I thought that my baby was going to dye! She couldn't even lift her head the next day and threw up several times. I kept soaking her and gave her a comb of pedilyte and spring water and she eventually pulled through. I think the real ones are best.

Posted by: mark thorpe on 2005-07-25
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: Not something i would even consider for derek. too risky in my opinion, you dont know weather they have been gutloaded properley, weather they had good living conditions prior to being killed, and also the preservatives that have been used..

Posted by: nuts4hotwheels on 2005-07-22
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: My beardie loves these and I don't have to worry about having them shipped to me. I can pick them up from my local pet store. Slikworms are supposed to be the best food for beardies and now it is alot easier to feed them to your little buddy.