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Bearded Dragon Adult Dry Formula
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Product by: T-Rex
Average Rating: 5 beardies

T-Rex Bearded Dragon Dry Formula is a Herpetoculturally researched Veterinarian formulated and Zoo tested and has been approved as a Complete and Balanced diet (To aid in hydration, feed moistened). For added palatability moisten with T-Rex Mouse Marker or cricket maker. T-Rex snake steak sausages, fresh greens or insects may be added for variety. Be sure to remove moistened uneaten food daily. (Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available). T-Rex Cricket maker has already been added to the T-Rex Bearded Dragon Dry Formula for increase palatability. Making the transition to this diet may still take a few days. Be patient and gradually switch from what the lizard has been eating to the new diet. Bearded Dragons like variety, although T-Rex Bearded Dragon Dry Formula is complete and balanced, additional dietary supplementation on a treat basis is advised. T-Rex Bearded Dragon Dry Formula comes in both Juvenile (Growth) Formula and Adult (Maintenance) Formula.

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Posted by: toader361 on 2006-08-29
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: I don't know if really is cricket flavored or not but both of my BD's love it. The previouse owner of my older BD (Juliet) said she waould only eat pellets if she got really desperate but she absolutly loves these.

Posted by: goatwoodward on 2005-06-22
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This was the only pellet food available in the local pet store that I could convince my dragon to eat. He turned his nose up at the Kaytee brand, sniffed the Fluker's pellets and left, and actually devoured all the T-Rex pellets I gave him.